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  1. QUOTE (Mara @ May 26 2011, 10:18 AM) (Take that, Trekkie cheaters!)
  2. QUOTE (Fridge @ May 24 2011, 07:06 AM) It would actually be ok if America had decent bacon, but unfortunately it is crap Stuff you get in the American stores is crap. Home-raised pork bacon and sausage? OMGYUM
  3. My commute is 25-30 miles one way to work. Most days of the week, I take the bus, but that still costs (rates went WAY up recently). I fill up once a week at $40 a pop (Toyota Corolla, about 32 MPGs "city" driving")
  4. I see both sides of this issue. On the one hand, it is discouraging to see Rush fans on the board go on and on ad naseum about things they don't like. On the other hand, I respect the handful on here that show constructive criticism of our band because we hold them to the high standards we know they can be held to.
  5. I actually hate Tuesdays more. Monday, I am usually fresh off the weekend and hopefully caught up on some sleep. The realities of work haven't set in at this point. Then Tuesday comes, to which I think "it's ONLY TUESDAY?!!!"
  6. Geez, NYS actually gave me a bargain at $80 and some change for mine. Go figure? EDIT: I am accepting NO offers at this time
  7. QUOTE (GhostGirl @ Apr 29 2011, 01:51 PM) Kate's just so pretty and princess-ish, and William looks so proud, and they're both so sweet-looking and young The thing is for me, they are likeable. They don't come across as stuffy royals, like many of the others. They look genuinely HAPPY and that's a nice thing to see nowdays.
  8. QUOTE (GhostGirl @ Apr 29 2011, 01:31 PM) I couldn't resist, and took a peek at the BBC website. This quote in particular cracked me up: "According to a lip-reading expert, Prince William told his bride she looked 'beautiful' as she joined him at the altar and joked to his father-in-law Michael: 'We're supposed to have just a small family affair.'" I heard/read that too. Great!
  9. I had just enough time before leaving my house this morning to see Catherine walk down the aisle. Stunning. To all the cynics: Be quiet and deal with it! For once, something HAPPY in the news, no matter how blown out of proportion. sheesh.
  10. QUOTE (tick @ Apr 26 2011, 12:56 PM) I firmly believe public schools should have uniforms. I would back it 100% Too many kids get picked on because they wear K Mart or Walmart clothing because its all they're parents can afford. While others walk around in Abercrombie and Fitch and act like there shit don't shit because they're parents have money. Kids can be cruel little shits who deserve a good smack in the head for an attitude adjustment. Bring on school uniforms! By the way, My kid has nice clothes so this is not the reason for my feelings. I just feel horrible for kids who get picked on. I have felt deeply about it since I defended the kids who got picked on when I was a kid. I would gladly get into fist fights to defend other kids and I quite often did. You would think uniforms would get rid of this problem. Fact is (and I know this from 9 years of Catholic school, uniform-wearing experience), kids will find other reasons to pick on you: your coat, your lunch box, the car your family drives, etc. OR how you look in the uniforms themselves, which most of the time are unflattering lol. Sucks!
  11. She's looking good and strong!
  12. Husband bought them for me a few years back when they were on sale. I do love them, but yes, they are poorly crafted Neil's head falls off lol. It would be easy to glue back on though.
  13. Relax. He'll be bankrupt and in celebrity rehab by time he's 20.
  14. I need new running socks like mad!
  15. I polled in at professional but only becuase I work in a big law firm and the attorneys (along with management) are nearly required to wear suits and exercise careful judgement when meeting with clients. I work in their accounting department and along with the legal secretaries, we're more business casual. We have casual Fridays and casual summer, but no denim allowed. No leggings, even under a dress. The only time we wear jeans is if we have a charity day and we donate $5 to a charity to do so, but those are rare. I'd give anything to wear jeans on all Fridays and honestly, for non-attorneys, I wish we could.
  16. iluvgeddy05

    Vapor Trails

    There was a lot of Sweet Miracle praise when the album first came out, I remember. Mine? How It Is. Also digging Vapor Trail as of late.
  17. iluvgeddy05

    Call me crazy

    Thought new albums traditionally came out on Tuesdays? *U.S. speaking
  18. Idk, I mean, I thought it was a good idea.
  19. So effing pissed that I wasn't smart enough to figure out how to go! I really should have been there, total regret In any event, glad everyone had fun
  20. QUOTE (Saint NIck @ Apr 10 2011, 07:01 AM) I'm one person doing the work of 3. This is exactly my situation right now. And I've been vocal about others lack of effort and so far it has fallen on deaf ears. Thus, I am on the look again..
  21. Dear ____ Please stop using every opportunity where food is the subject of conversation to tell us yet again that you have turned vegan and gluten free, and that you "can't" eat certain foods. Here's the thing: this makes you no better than me, or the person next to me. At the end of the day, we all poop the same way, ok? Meaning, you're on our level whether you want to admit it. Stop looking for pats on the back, parades and congratulations for being LIKE SO HEALTHY!!!! Also, gluten-free diets are for those with Celiac's disease. If you do not have such a disease (and I assume you don't since you never mentioned it and claimed you thought you'd "try" being gluten free), then you're doing yourself a disservice.
  22. Actually, and someone else mentioned it on here, the act of brushing teeth is nasty to me. Do I do it? Of course, but it's not pleasant for me. The paste has to be super minty in order for me to be OK with it. Seeing other people brush turns me off too and honestly, people who do it in public/work bathrooms are the worst. Then I gotta smell the paste in the air, you know that baking soda smell. EW GO AWAY
  23. QUOTE (-Ender- @ Apr 4 2011, 11:13 AM) QUOTE (iluvgeddy05 @ Apr 4 2011, 12:13 PM) Couples/spouses who share toothbrushes. No f***ing way anyone does that!!! I've heard of this, and their reasoning being you swap spit when kissing, so what is the difference? Really. Gross.
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