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  1. I have only seen it once and it messed with me so much I haven't seen it since. Sometimes I wonder how it will be to watch again, but last time I had to deal with depressing thoughts afterwards. It really has some creepy mind bending visuals.
  2. Practice is the best explanation. Starting slow and repetition, repetition, repetition.
  3. I have never even heard of this guy. He can’t be too famous.
  4. Are you freaking serious?? .....wow. Yeah. He’s a nutcase. He sends and really nasty, threatening messages to people if they question him at all. He’s set up fake Facebook pages exactly like the real Rush fan pages and added people without their knowledge.
  5. Not one of my favorite Pixar movies but I’ll give it a view.
  6. This is the guy that has been stealing money from people in the guise of remodeling the studio and has been putting it in his own pocket. He has multiple personalities/profiles on Facebook and he recruits people to help him scam people. Richard Baxter was his original profile. Who knows what his real name is. He has no affiliation with the owners of the studio and was selling off parts of it for cash.
  7. Pretty good interview except I wish it could’ve been longer.
  8. The way he sings it it almost sounds like a country song.
  9. Definitely getting this one if the article is more than a couple pages long. Otherwise not worth it.
  10. Southern blues rock is always what they’ve been.
  11. They'll have to be a lot better than the last two.
  12. Uhhhh hello....my name kind of fits this one...nom saynnn? You could change your name to HemiMoon....but that would be half assed. :laughing guy: :laughing guy: :laughing guy: but I'd be willing to share the Hemi representation. ;) Already been a rep for years now. You can share it with me but only if you’re nice. :D
  13. Warts and all anyway. How are you guys able to watch this video? It's not available on my end. It’s not really a video, but just the song. Can you not hear the song either?
  14. Mine is and always will be Hemispheres. First tour I saw and still my favorite album.
  15. I didn’t even know there was a part three.
  16. ABBA. The Carpenters always gave me the creeps. They both looked like plastic dolls.
  17. This^^^. Here Again is my favorite from the debut... Yeah me too, but WM would be a close second.
  18. Drummer by far. He’s just basically a rhythm guitarist.
  19. Probably not top 20 but definitely top 40.
  20. I thought everything was good about it except the ending.
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