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  1. 3.8 million posts?! Whoa....!
  2. Me: Is it me, or have I got a headache... Husband: ... Me: Any paracetamol? Husband: *reaches into a drawer for a box* This is a new one. Me: *opens it; it's empty* Oh. Husband: *looks* Oh. (Quick as a flash) That's for people without a headache. Me: !!
  3. Text messages mainly. I'd scratch my head thinking what the heck....? Then because I would then try to respond correctly, she's like *BOOM!* "What do you mean?! How do you mean?!" You had to think before you wrote anything, because whatever you put down in the text message, it was the wrong thing, and she would take it the wrong way. Every darn time. It was like a great big grenade - you never knew which pin you'd pull which would trigger her, or say a ton of sticks of dynamite, lighting them up, and not knowing which one of them had the shortest fuse. Even just saying something to her, it was wrong. I'd be thinking "F*ck me..!"
  4. Notwithstanding, I knew of a sibling who's completely and utterly grammatically illiterate, uses no commas, no punctuation of any kind, and would fly off the handle with the kind of temper that could go from 0 to 60 in three seconds... just because I couldn't figure out wtf she was on about. The fact that she could quite literally take it the wrong way would be quite the understatement...
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