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  1. Lost count actually. Lost stubs from Vapor Trails going back to the beginning. However each show feels like my first and that is a great feeling.
  2. Never been to the Etess. Looks like a small venue. I'll just think of it like the boys are playing my garage.
  3. Wow! Nice pics. I hope to get a few myself. Thanks for ramping up my excitement level for for Saturday's show!
  4. I do all of my sitting during the pre-show festivities. Showtime? If I'm feeling it, I'm standing. I'm sure I'll be standing on the 11th.
  5. Not a good idea to create your own meet and greet. Keep the boys just out of arms reach. It will leave you always wanting more.
  6. I know that we all have heard it at the end of a show before, but I think the boys will end with the standard Limelight. It's got that thunderous ending that leaves the crowd always wanting more. At least it does for me.
  7. Mission-Man 67

    Rush Tattoos

    Starman left lower leg. "RUSH" right above the tattoo. Got it just before S&A tour. I dunno why I waited so long.
  8. In the vehicle pictured below... on that cruise to wherever the music takes me.
  9. RUSH wth an orchestra..... Does this mean I have to rent a tuxedo for the show?
  10. QUOTE (circumstantial tree @ Apr 29 2012, 11:36 AM)"Subdivisions" was a song that so many took to heart and spoke of their experiences in high school and life.
  11. Minimum 5Gs. Worth every penny.
  12. No ticket buying blues here. Just the opposite actually. I too have 6 months until the Oct 20 show (actually under 6 months now). The excitement is only building for me.
  13. I'll do my best not to look for this tour...but I may not be able to hold out until I see them 17 shows in. Then again some chucklehead will probably post some spoilers where they shouldn't which will probably open the door enough for me to peek.
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