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  1. It looks like NS is on the 3rd setlist. I was thrown off because that setlist has an extra song rather then just straight subs.
  2. Some towns have been so lucky to get Natural Science. Has anyone figured out the rhyme or reason? Are they just responding when the crowd shows them the appropriate love?
  3. A few days before they went on sale, I won 5th row tickets. I have been spazzing with anticipation ever since. Discovery of the setlist will bump this up a level. No matter what they play, I think its going to be mind-blowing.
  4. OK, so you couldn't get any decent seats. Please don't fret. There are many options left. You should be able to get tickets for face value or maybe even less. Here's how: 1. Radio station call-ins. Rush is being promoted on classic and hard rock radio stations. Many of these stations have radio call-in contests and online entries. The call-ins usually happen when the concert is announced and again shortly before they come to town. Listen a lot to find out when they will have the call-ins and be ready to call whenever they do it. I've had success with this. 2. As the concert approaches, many VIP tickets that have been unsold will intermittently be resold as regular price seats. You have to check the ticket website multiple times each day but you might be surprised what pops up from time to time. 3. Craigslist. Even though people have all kinds of ridiculous prices weeks before the concert, prices usually fall to face value or below within a few days of the show. No one wants to eat a couple hundred dollars worth of tickets. If a private owner has tickets for sale a few days before the show, he is getting nervous and will often be happy to unload them at face value. Pay attention to some other shows in your area and see what happens on craigslist just before the concert. Only a few major pop acts will command full price within a few days of a concert. 4. Go anyway and see what happens. You might find professionals selling tickets which will go for cheap if you are patient and wait for the concert to start or maybe you'll find people with extra tickets. There is no reason anyone on this forum should miss RUSH. Where there is a will, there is a way. Good luck, people!
  5. So here is the situation in slightly more detail... As a man of modest means, I need to convert $400 and two second row tickets to Fleetwood Mac in DC into two front row RUSH seats somewhere in the mid-Atlantic US. Maybe I'm working too hard for a tour that isn't official yet but I need to make this happen. I saw that Ticketmaster now offers "Platinum Tickets" which are very close to the stage for a premium price. Second row Fleetwood Mac tickets like mine sold for $650. I'm hopeful I can sell mine for that much even though the resale on Ticketmaster for these is $2k each. So I'm hoping once I sell my tickets I can find "Platinum Tickets" for RUSH. Maybe buying a VIP package at the opening minute of presale would give me a good chance for front row. Last resort might be Stubhub but I suspect that is the most expensive option. I also wonder if a ticket dealer would work out a trade... assuming RUSH tickets are on sale by the FMac concert January 30th. Sorry for the boring details but I would definitely appreciate any thoughts, opinions or ideas that could make this happen. -Will
  6. This (2015) will be the year I go all out and do everything in my power to get front row seats to Rush. Now that I have that plan, what would be the best way to carry it out? Ticketmaster/Live Nation- presale? Secondary market? Fan club presale? How much should I expect to spend? Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Will
  7. I just thought they were going to play it in different order to focus on the album and strings. I was kinda bummed when they went to the documentary instead of set one. Also, did anyone notice the music and video on Halo Effect was a bit "off" when they pulled back to show all three playing?
  8. I thought that Geddy's voice sounded rough when I saw them in Baltimore (4/22/11) on the Time Machine tour. I thought the end was near. But he sounded great at Bristow, VA (9/9/12) for Clockwork Angels and at Atlantic City (5/11/13). As far as Alex, I haven't noticed anything with his playing. I'm sure the guys are realistic with themselves and will do what they need to do. Why do you think two years is necessary?
  9. I've bragged on this a few times already but... I got a Neil High School Graduation Photo shirt. On the back it says, "Neil Peart gave me this shirt. He says be cool or be cast out." I'm more of a 'memories' rather than 'things' kinda guy so I sold it for $400 on eBay and saw Rush in Atlantic City.
  10. I've seen a few Zeppelin tribute bands... some good, some bad. I think I'll stick to real Rush until they hang it up. Then and only then will you find me pathetically trying to get my Rush fix from bands with names based on Rush songs.
  11. A few points/opinions about the Atlantic City show... Etess Arena is a good place to see a show. Not sure about those seats way off to the sides but I was close to the top in the back, yet still closer than my seats at the D.C. (Bristow) show that were directly behind VIP (about halfway up the pavillion). The sound here also beat the hell out of the outdoor venue in September. Maybe it's just the difference between an indoor show and outdoor? This is my first time seeing the band twice on the same tour but they have so much more energy than when I saw them in September. The intensity from the band and the crowd was tremendous. I've heard they pick up momentum during their tours and this seems to ring true. After catching a shirt from Neil's cannon last time I was waiting for encore time to see if luck would be on my side again. He hit the light rigging above the stage on both his shots! Both shirts fell to the stage to be tossed onto the crowd by the road crew a few moments later. You would think he'd be good at it by now. I understand the guys are tired of playing Tom Sawyer but it really seems to show. The band lumbered through it like it was a chore. Minimal movement or intensity during this song. The crowd still seemed to love it.
  12. You were right. This was almost a smoke free show. Lotsa security and younger family members. Great energy though, and it was a great venue. The improv blew my mind! Can't wait to see them again. Improv?!?
  13. I can't imagine any venue advising their security staff to ignore pot smoking. Even cigarette smoking is a fire code violation. Since no one is smoking cigarettes it makes it a lot easier to spot the pot smoker. The answer to your quandary lies inside a delicious confection.
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