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  1. Agreed. I have known about the autograph dealio for some time but never took advantage of it til a couple weeks ago.I thought that if I didn't do it soon, the popularity of this former 'inside trick' to getting an item signed would soon be shut down. I don't plan on sending anything else in this tour or any other tour. I am wholly pleased I got my poster signed (it is already matted and framed and on the wall!) When I read through the thread and a few others on the subject I was kind of put off by people obviously taking full advantage of sending in to multiple venues. I almost wish they take note of who sends what....and return items unsigned to anyone who abuses this precious opportunity. I thought with the recent influx of posts on the subject we would for sure see an end to it.
  2. SOOOOOO stoked!!! After being a fan for 33+ years, relentlessly trying to place myself in areas to meet/get autographs, eagerly scooping up (in order!) 8 tracks, LPs cassettes, posters, shirts, CDs, VHS, laser disc, DVD, Blu Ray, any boot I could purchase (yes even the hissy audience ones), this would have been the ONLY chance I would ever have of doing such things (Thank you to all on here that provided info on this!!). I sent out a couple posters and got them both back, one with signatures. Strangely Al must have been absent, but still.....this is so huge to me. After having one of the worst nights ever at work, I came home to find this in my mailbox http://i905.photobucket.com/albums/ac251/yyz98/P9241315.jpg
  3. The way I see it is if Al or Ged are getting heckled by some idiot, we OWE it to them to throw a quick elbow and give that person some sleepytime If someone kept yelling for a reaction from the band near me....I'd ensure all is quiet in our area by force.
  4. Its happened to me many times. I had pit tix for Lollapalooza (back when it was awesome) and by the end of the night, the 'pit' was jam packed with fo lks that didn't belong. By that point, security has given up. I could never do that but some folks make it a point to buy lawn tix and shove their way to the front. I hate to admit that I SOLD my 5th row Vegas tix because I DIDN'T WANT TO DEAL WITH THIS KIND OF CRAP! The closer it got to the concert, the more I didn't want to blow $700 just to have some yayhoo with a $55 ticket elbow his way next to me. I just wasn't going to have it. I'll wait for the DVD or the next leg of the tour. The wife and I had a great time in Vegas though!! It was cool to see Rush shirts on folks EVERYWHERE you went Fri and Sat!
  5. Just trying to see if any of you have an extra pair for tonight.... Before we take off back home. Dont get stuck with those tix, I have done THAT before!! Not really wanting the nosebleeds they have at the box office. Drop me a quick e-mail: ascyuma@yahoo.com
  6. Seems like no matter what even I go to...NO MATTER WHAT...there is some drama either in front, side, or back of me. 99% of the time it is a drunk a-hole. I often wonder WHY these individuals even come to (concerts, sporting events, etc) they AREN'T there for the actual event, rather just a place to drink and show their a$$. Which brings me to one of my OG pet peeves. Tailgaiting morons that take up several even up to 20 spaces with their RV. I am all for having a good time at whatever event I am at, but some of these people are just there to take up space in the parking lot. One year at a Supercross, This guy takes up about 9 parking spots wiht his RV, then proceeds to rope off an area of about 20 spaces total, unloads a couch from the RV, Houseplants, a huge BBQ, a tv, a laptop, tosses a couple frisbees on the ground along wiht a football, unloads a mini dirtbike for all of his buds to drink/ride, run into cars that are parked nearby, urinate on cars nearby, deficate between 2 cars right by out car.....this was only close to where we parked. After seeking out another spot, we came across dozens of other tools doing the same thing. I'm all for people having fun, but too many times it spills into majorly inconveniencing others. SO, WHY on earth would you pitch A tent in a parking lot for a show you are going to see within the next couple of hours?? And BBQ? I just don't get it. Also, I am a 'security' hater as these people are more ego maniacs than anything, so why temp it by going in the opposite direction as the exits?They LIVE to have guys like you try and challange them. Their job is to make sure people are heading for the exits.....thats pretty much it! So when they see someone swimming up the wrong way, they see it as their chance to exert some power, and some of these guys enjoy thumping some punkass kid who tries to be cute BTW, glad the boys played well for you. At least you have that.....
  7. I'll have to go with the notion that at least 2 of the guys will lurk for the sheer entertainment. Think about it. There is a lot of hilarious stuff posted from time to time.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHXnW0L-_Og Al is around the 1:18 mark, playing a tough guy cop....or is it a parking attendent? Looks funny!
  9. Fanfire: 800-767-7160 First, they will tell you there is 'no way' they can track your package, but then you tell them to go on ahead and look it up because you are getting tired of the waiting.....
  10. ....aaaand another thread derailed.
  11. I'd be happy to send mine back for a real concert shirt If enough folks point out the obvious flaw in the description vs what was recieved....maybe they will allow an exchange. The squeaky wheel gets the grease
  12. Same here, I just want to let em know that I was decieved and am not satisfied at all with how this played out. Also, the various word of mouth can't be good over various forums... for those of us that won't ever do the 'VIP' thing again, there will be just as many to try it out for the first time in the future so fanfire couldn't give a hoot either way. Customer service isn't their goal. Repeat customers isn't their goal. Polishing up a turd and presenting it as gold IS their goal. Gotta go, the mailman just arrived and I need to try on my new turd.
  13. So, who exactly can we turn to about this? There was an obvious 'fumble' in this whole deal. I have to agree that the package was assembled by someone unfamiliar with the band or its fanbase. The whole 'VIP' label affixed to this mess has now turned into an insult of sorts when you think about it. The shirt is what mostly ticks me off, (Although I noted in an earlier post that I didn't have one of the old logo shirts yet) I thought I was getting something revolving around the current tour, and something that would set it apart from any shirt being hawked at the shows. If so many of us were in that mode of thinking, there was something that lead us to believe we should be expecting something waaaay different than what we actually got. Alot of folks passed on buying shirts at the venue in the fears that they would have 'doubles' of a particular shirt. Ticketmasters way to getting scalper-like prices for tix is to create a faux 'VIP' kit with a handful of crap, carefully described to appear well worth the money. To be honest, I would have no problem sending it back and giving up my 5th row seats to get my $735 back. Oh, I'll go to the same venue and buy different seats, but I'll keep $600 in the process
  14. I'm with Mara on this. All of it looks cool. I can understand why dude earlier in the thread was pissed. I imagined the same things: A LIMITED tour related poster and LIMITED tour shirt...after all, it was a package deal tied in with the tour. Wish they would have anticipated on the run on XLs though. Seems that is the size shirt that is consistantly 'OUT' at the backstage club, go figure. I don't mind that it is the OG logo after all, I don't have one and it conjures up the early days. Hey...the Fly By Night poster kind of tis in the whole time maching thingy......hmmm. Damn, a Moving Pictures poster would have been the tits, ya? That would have made a ton of sense. ANYTHING Moving Pictures related would have been sweet. WE'll see what happens tomorrow. I ordered both XL, and according to the goofs at Fanfire I WILL HAVE MY PACKAGE TOMORROW. They are tired of hearing from me On a side note, if there was a shortage of shirts, why not give a voucher to get a shirt of your choosing at the backstage club or at the venue. AFTER ALL, A REAL VIP WOULD BE TREATED THAT WAY. So, next time I will take my chances with seat selection and save myself some dough. NO WAY would I ever do the VIP thing again
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