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A New Sport for Alex, Geddy, and Sometimes Neil


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As Rush heads towards the end of their "last tour of this magnitude" fans have begun to wonder what the band will do next? While they definitely want to spend some well-deserved time with their families, will they be able to stay out of the studio? Instead, maybe they will replace touring concert halls with touring the links. Disc golf links, that is.


Disc golf is an outdoor game played with Frisbee-type flying discs. Similar to golf, players attempt to throw the disc into a basket. The sport is popular across North America and around the world. In fact, it was during their latest R40 tour that Rush was introduced to the sport. "It was right before the Columbus show, actually," guitarist Alex Lifeson explains. "I hopped in a cab and asked him to take me to the nearest golf course, and he brought me instead to a disc golf course. I didn't realize the mistake until after he drove off, so I decided to give this other golf a shot." It turned out that Lifeson loved the game and the rest, as they say, is history.




Lifeson told his bandmates, bassist Geddy Lee and drummer Neil Peart, about his serendipitous discovery and a few days later all three found themselves on a course. "I originally got into watching baseball while on tour," recalls Lee, "but with disc golf I can be out there playing, and not just watching. Plus, it's more fun than the gym." Lee's baseball arm is in great shape and allows him to throw discs almost the entire length of the fairway.


Although Peart has golfed a couple times with his bandmates he still prefers to ride his motorcycle between shows. In the past he has caddied for the other Rush (Limbaugh) so this time around he opted to caddy for Rush (the band). As he puts it, "Riding my bike between shows doesn't leave me enough time for a full round of disc golf, but I can throw a pack on and walk around with the guys for the last part of their game. It's a nice way to clear my head."




The band is currently negotiating a deal with disc manufacturers Discraft, and a blacklight-reactive Rush Starman flying disc is planned for release in winter. Lifeson was the one who pushed for the psychedelic disc, stating it would be "totally trippy" to see it fly by in the dark. This line of thinking led him to push for a strobe-lit "disco golf" course, where Rush could play live while golfers enjoy their game. Peart and Lee declined to comment on this venture.

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So funny!! Someone in my house would show up at Alex's "disco golf" course for the grand opening with the collection of golf discs he keeps in our garage . . .
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