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Does anyone still stand in front of a venue and try to sell tickets? Or are those scalper days over?


Scalpers are definitely still around. I've seen them the past few concerts I've been to, and every sporting event. You'd think with today's technology they'd be obsolete, but they actually use it to their advantage. I've seen groups of them working together, buying and selling, checking online, etc...


Would you get a better deal from one of them instead of buying online?


Not until it's actually show time. If you are willing to miss the opener, the scalpers start sweating when it's show time, and you can cut a deal. Before then, because of the demand of these shows, Boston in particular, they won't budge until they know they are about to eat them.


Then nothing has changed I see. That's the way it always was. Wait until show time then cut the deal of a lifetime with one of them. :)

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Impossible to get two seats together Ticketmaster at this point, gone as soon as they appear. Was just able to score single seats one row apart, loge next to stage Ged, my SO is not happy seats are not together but Karena is stoked to be going after all. Maybe someone will switch and we can sit together, need happy SO to be driving in and out of Boston.
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Today is the day. My 23rd Rush show, and my first in 11 years. It has been too long! :)


I wish it were the Lakeside Park day...but you're off by a month :D

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PROMENADE - 2 tickets at $198 per

BALCONY 300s - 26 tickets from $175 - $445

CLUB 100 - 0 tickets

LOGE - 43 tickets from $277 - $541

FLOOR - 40 tickets from $340 - $3236

111 seats remain

25.5 hour mark

PROMENADE - 0 tickets

BALCONY 300s - 26 tickets from $184 - $497

CLUB 100 - 7 tickets from $250 - $331

LOGE - 63 tickets from $230 - $999

FLOOR - 39 tickets from $306 - $1619

135 seats remain

Less than 12 hours

PROMENADE - 0 tickets

BALCONY 300s - 26 tickets from $199 - $497

CLUB 100s - 2 tickets at $277 per

LOGE - 59 tickets from $260 - $480

FLOOR - 31 tickets from $298 - $1350

118 seats remain

5-6 hours to go - this just got crazy....


PROMENADE - 0 tickets

BALCONY 300s - 75 tickets from $100 - $497

SUITE - 12 tickets for $280 per

CLUB 100s - 6 tickets at $167 - $300

LOGE - 85 tickets from $140 - $514

FLOOR - 83 tickets from $147 - $1619

261 seats available

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Good floor seats were released around 3:00 PM


Yes, Also at 11am, floor rows 13 , 14 and 15. Rush is dedicated to help the fans with non scalper options.

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