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Funny or Ironic???


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Here were are today for the start of the Rush R40 tour and there haven't been any significant leaks of the setlist or what they are planning to do

They took all the proper precautions - had people sign ND agreements

Rehearsed in an undisclosed location

Moved into full production rehearsals in Tulsa - kept a tight lid on security and information

Nothing but possibly a few songs being rehearsed from someone who may have heard something

They did everything right

Everyone followed their rules except.........

The Rush Camp

Without them sending out the tourbooks everything would have been a complete surprise


They went through all this trouble and ended up leaking information themselves


is that irony or is it just kooky?


To everyone going to the first show have a fantastic time

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I am a bit confused. What have all of these spoilers been then?... :huh:
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I'm sure they were aware about the tour book and it would leak before they sent out the swag.



Yes JD, bsc's point is that isn't it STRANGE? To go thru the security, nondisclosure agreements to keep everything hush hush. Rip stories about the alleged drum kit from the internet and all the Rush blogs, then mail out the set list in a tour book?? That is bizarre.


They didn't leak any info, they outright disclosed it.


They could have easily had video credits without song titles. Strange doesn't come close as an adjective here, let alone funny or ironic.




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Controlled leaks are nothing new. They're fantastic ways of generating hype. It's neither strange, funny or ironic. It is good marketing.
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