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The Age of Zelix has arrived


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Did you know...


...that Zelix is unable to lick?


...that ORF is the Anti-Zelix?


...that JohnRogers is merely a clever anagram of "Shorn Ogre J"?


...that Kenny Loggins once pooped a perfect replica of Zelix, but his wife-at-the-time was allergic to graven images?



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Did you know that Kenny Loggins met his wife-at-the-time during a colonic irrigation session? True story!


Did you know that they wrote a book together? True story!


Did you know that the book is absolutely terrible? And that their marriage ended just as it was published? True story!



For more true Kenny Loggins stories, please consult:



And of course, "Return to Pooh Corner":



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From the Book of Kenny:


"Colon therapist?" I said to myself. "How old can this girl be? She looks all of 16, maybe 18. But she sure is sweet."

Although I was nervous at first, I quickly relaxed into the program and found myself telling her all sorts of personal things.

The hour flew by, and even thought I can't say I noticed much abut the physical effect of the colonic, I did notice something else.

(p. 27-28)


Awww! :moon: :hug2:



"What the hell is on that plate?"

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looks like he's lying on that plate a couple of posts above this one...in a pond of anal irrigation fluid....


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Well, John, he seems to live 'up there' in your life, ya know? He's posted 78 times, and NO WHERE does he give ANY HINT of his so-called Solid Gold Awesomeness. Why Deify him? Can you tell me that? Are you trying to 'build another Jesus'? And Here [on supposedly] Jesus's birthday.What is your play?


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