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"Queen+Paul Rodgers" (Queen cover band featuring Brian May, Roger Taylor, and the singer from Bad Company) have a live album/DVD package coming out on September 13. My guitarist is absloutely in denial that this is a stupid idea.
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Depeche Mode starts their world tour in October to promote their new album which is untitled at the moment. More news as it comes in. If you're looking for tickets, ask me for locations. I will be glad to find out for you. Edited by Ru5h F@n
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I hear the Queensryche is almost finished with 'Operation Mindcrime II'. Is this correct?
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And here:


"a new LP by thee silver mt. zion memorial orchestra and tra-la-la band entitled "horses in the sky" will be released on vinyl march 7, 2005 in europe (march 21 in north america). it will be followed by a CD release on march 21, 2005 in europe (april 4 in north america).


godspeed you black emperor are currently on extended hiatus. the collective has not disbanded."


I was wrong about this one

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The Lovemakers don't pussyfoot with their intentions


AMBITION IS an ugly word in indie rock. It is uncool. Fame, should it happen, must appear accidental and mildly confusing, not unlike an unexpected pregnancy. That's why when the Oakland-based synth-pop group The Lovemakers jump-started their career by handing out free demos of their music at parties and other band's shows and even to random passersby, they looked like dorks. Any band that wants to give away its music is doing so because it could never sell that crap, right? Aspiration is inversely proportional to suckiness. Add to that the fact that band member Scott Blonde proudly announced that the group was in search of a major-label deal right out of the boxno Sub Pop, no Troubleman, no Saddle Creek, just Geffen, BMG or Warner Bros. if you please.


Well, the Lovemakers have scored a major-label contract all right, and they even scored a contract with a label that generally grabs the best underground bands that already have a national interest or buzz, Interscope. Queens of the Stone Age, ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs all had developed large followings in the indie scene before Interscope snatched them up.


That's why the Lovemakers' story is so unique. Not only have they scored an amazing deal with Interscope without having a national underground following, this band has also single-handedly made it OK for noncheesy bands to push themselves and actually be able to admit that they want to make it. Yes, friends, an indie band with the energy to promote itself is actually worthy of the fame it so desperately wants.


The Lovemakers formed in 2002, with Blonde on guitar and vocals, Lisa Light on violin, bass and vocals, and Jason Proctor on keyboards. Their sound has been compared to New Order and Berlin, placing them nicely in the canon of electronic bands that actually have pop songs jutting out from between the bleeps. The key is hooks, and this band has more of 'em than a nun's brassiere.


Onstage, the group has adopted the electroclash style of extreme sluttiness, with dildos, skimpy clothes, grinding and impromptu make-out sessions between Blonde and Light. The Eurythmics' Dave Stewart is producing their debut record due out in the Spring. The question now isn't whether the majors are ready for retro electronic bands, the question is whether or not the mainstream ready for the Lovemakers


The new album "Times of Romance" will be released August 23 on Cherry Tree / Interscope.




Above inserts taken from http://www.thelovemakers.com/. Gotta help support my local scene tongue.gif

Edited by Moonraker
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Depeche Mode have announced the title of their upcoming album. The album will be called "Playing The Angel". Some of the songs on the album are:



Sinner in Me

Suffer Well

John The Revelator


A Pain That I Used To Be

I Want It All


More to come. Stay tuned...

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To add to that:





Depeche Mode Lift Angel


Synth-pop pioneers return with fourteenth album


Depeche Mode will mark their twenty-fifth year together with the release of their fourteenth album, Playing the Angel, in October. "We can be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame next year," guitarist Andy Fletcher says with a grin.


Produced by Ben Hiller (Blur, Doves), the record features the band's classic blend of moody synth-pop beats, heavy guitar riffs and dark lyrics. "There's a really strong DNA in our band," says Fletcher. "We almost can't help sounding like ourselves -- which is a good thing."


"We were in the studio," recalls frontman Dave Gahan, "and [Mute Records head] Daniel Miller came in and said, 'Oh, what's this album about then, the usual pain and suffering?' That's kind of our m.o."


On Playing the Angel, Gahan -- who released his debut solo album, Paper Monsters, in 2003 -- shares songwriting credits for the first time, territory traditionally reserved for keyboardist Martin Gore. "I was like, 'I'm not interested in doing this album unless I get to write songs,'" Gahan says. "So Martin and I talked about it. I think it caused a bit of competition in the band, which is healthy." Three of Gahan's songs will be included on the album.


Among his contributions is the ballad "Precious." "It's about what's important," says Gahan, who famously battled with drugs and depression in the past, "and seeing life through the eyes of my children."


Depeche Mode will launch a world tour in support of Playing the Angel in October.



(Posted Jul 06, 2005)


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Vivian Campbell- Two Sides Of It.


The first album ever to have Vivian at the mic singing. Its gonna be a blues album, recorded with the blues rules, 1 take and no overdubs, so the whole album was recorded live, song at a time.

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Stellastarr* will be releasing thier new album on September 13th. I took notice of this band earlier today when I heard they would be playing Popscene in September. They some really catchy songs, check out thier myspace site at http://www.myspace.com/stellastarr


2 nights in San Francisco, I'm gonna have to hit both of those. They sound like they would make for a great live act. Plus they are playing Popscene, I love that club biggrin.gif

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Guitar Virtuoso Eric Johnson has released a new studio album after a 10 year hiatus from the studio. "Bloom" is a must have for EJ fans. It is exactly what Johnson fans like and have been waiting for. It was released in June to little or no fanfare, I just found out about this yesterday and picked it up today. Awesome release from EJ!
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