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Opening Night 6/29


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TIME MACHINE TOUR - 6/29/10 (opening show) After seeing so many epic tours in my years as a Rush fan AND having a buzz from the past two S&A tours, I was disappointed with the set list and production for Time Machine Tour...Alex had mentioned bringing back Jacob's Ladder, nope, and Neil mentioned Animate, nope, and there was no songs from Vapor Trails, GUP, and I did NOT need to hear Closer or 2112/Temples or even Freewill AGAIN; it was good to finally drop Natural Science and leave room for a couple fresh songs but there was still too many "typical songs" they always play and they were the loosest I've ever seen them (opening night jitters?) Neil's solo was shorter and not that energetic, as well as Alex's solo. I also feel they should be opening with Far Cry; to start off with a bang and save Spirit for later. All that noted it was STILL a good show and Neil's kit is AMAZING! I assume they will analyze this first show and rotate out a couple songs that are too bland and hopefully change some of the production that didn't quite fit. They need more energy added like Driven, Earthshine or even Anthem, Kid Gloves, Force Ten again...how about Farewell to Kings, 4 parts of "fear" or ending the show with In the End...something in that realm to spark up the show a bit more. I realize the main focus is to celebrate Moving Pictures and all 3 members are pushing 60 in age, but this is Rush and they have so much more they could bring out to really get our fanatical asses off better, AMEN.
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I don't see where the review was negative, it just wasn't glowing like many of the others. He said they were loose and it was still a good show despite his complaints.


I strongly agree that they should flip Far Cry and Spirit. Far Cry is an opener all the way, especially with the pyro (they did have the pyro, didn't they???), and this setlist needs more punch at the end. At least there's nothing in it that I've just got to hear besides the MP stuff, so any changes they made would likely be for the better, unless they took out an old song and replaced it with something post-GUP.



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The set list has been posted at rush.com


The odds of it changing now are pretty slim


If they rotate out songs, I'm guessing it won't start until the 2nd leg (if at all). That would be Aug 5 in Salt Lake City.


If they do, I'm hoping it will be "stick it out".. (just "take it out" of the set list). Then we can all make jokes about how that song did not "stick it out"..







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I'd much rather read a negative review (as long as the criticism makes sense), than a review from some rabid Rush fan who would be perfectly pleased with Rush coming out on stage and just taking a whiz on them.


Nevertheless I'll address some of the criticisms in the review. One thing that people need to be very mindful about with having Rush pull off the old stuff is that Geddy's voice just isn't up to snuff anymore and it is very difficult and puts a lot of strain on his voice when he attempts to sing those songs. Too many of those songs in a set and he'll definitely blow out his voice, and there is no really option to cancel shows at this level when you're singer blows out his voice.



Next, as far as the performances go, they will get better. As a musician who has toured with bands I can tell you for a fact that the band gets tighter the more shows they do. The first show of a tour is ALWAYS nerve racking and you usually are spending more time worrying about playing the right parts/making sure you're sounds are right then you are worrying about how well you're actually playing. Simply put, you are tight. You have to keep in mind these guy's age as well. I am sure that they are not as near as practiced as they used to be when they were kids, so it's definitely going to take them several shows/a few weeks to get back up to being at their best playing wise.

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