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    Time Machine - NM 6/29/10
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    Exit...Stage Left
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    2007 road trip with good friend; we saw 3 shows during S&A tour...first stop was Hollywood Bowl on my birthday (7/23) I could not believe how epic the 3 hour set was and the amazing production with lighting and funny skits...and it was the first time Danny Carey met Neil backstage that night!
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    Tool, Primus, Yes, Police, Rage, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Living Colour, Megadeth, Phish...
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  1. TIME MACHINE TOUR - 6/29/10 (opening show) After seeing so many epic tours in my years as a Rush fan AND having a buzz from the past two S&A tours, I was disappointed with the set list and production for Time Machine Tour...Alex had mentioned bringing back Jacob's Ladder, nope, and Neil mentioned Animate, nope, and there was no songs from Vapor Trails, GUP, and I did NOT need to hear Closer or 2112/Temples or even Freewill AGAIN; it was good to finally drop Natural Science and leave room for a couple fresh songs but there was still too many "typical songs" they always play and they were the loosest I've ever seen them (opening night jitters?) Neil's solo was shorter and not that energetic, as well as Alex's solo. I also feel they should be opening with Far Cry; to start off with a bang and save Spirit for later. All that noted it was STILL a good show and Neil's kit is AMAZING! I assume they will analyze this first show and rotate out a couple songs that are too bland and hopefully change some of the production that didn't quite fit. They need more energy added like Driven, Earthshine or even Anthem, Kid Gloves, Force Ten again...how about Farewell to Kings, 4 parts of "fear" or ending the show with In the End...something in that realm to spark up the show a bit more. I realize the main focus is to celebrate Moving Pictures and all 3 members are pushing 60 in age, but this is Rush and they have so much more they could bring out to really get our fanatical asses off better, AMEN.
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