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TRF Online Gaming ID's

The Owl

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Hey this is just a small thread where you can either post your XBOX LIVE, Playstation Network, or Wii (I don't know what the service is actually called) ID's


Post your's and well add a friend. And tell us what you're playing online as well!




My PSN ID is: GRVrush2112




It might be a good idea to pin this thread.

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I'm still playing quite a bit of COD4.


I'm probably going to be picking Madden up in about 2 weeks.


Add me as a friends PS3 users. (also specify who you are and that your from TRF when sending a request)


my PSN id is once again:







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QUOTE (rushringleader @ Aug 30 2008, 04:08 PM)
All I am playing online now is Madden, I love that game. If you want to play me on PS3


does EA charge you for their account? I just picked up madden

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XBL: USB Connector


I've got a bunch of games which I play from time to time, I'm always up for a game of Rock Band (1,2,3, The Beatles) and I have a ton of DLC. I play expert Guitar/Bass and hard/expert pro drums.

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