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  1. I remember the Spirit Of Radio was somewhere in that video. Don't remember where though. No Maiden kinda makes me a bit upset about it, but still very badass that someone could pull that off in a single take.
  2. http://content1.myyearbook.com/thumb_userimages/large/2012/06/21/23/thm_phpy2m2yT.jpg I look like I'm having a good time.
  3. The Garden is so far the only song that I've looked up that isn't what has been already released or that live thing of the title track on Facebook. I think this will be the best song on the album, and I hope that the other songs are as good as The Garden.
  4. I'm gonna say this once. I will stand by this choice until the day I die. Ritual (Nous Sommes Du Soleil) by Yes is the greatest song ever.
  5. Keep Feeling Fascination-The Human League Just said it.
  6. QUOTE (rushgoober @ Mar 16 2012, 08:20 PM) And I completely disagree that Vital Signs is the weak point on the album - that would go to The Camera Eye due do its slightly repetitive nature and lack of thrilling lyrical subject matter, but even then the song is a solid 8. Sorry for touching kinda late on this subject, only just saw the thread, but Goobs, you're mad.
  7. Found my replacement computer for when my Wireless card in my laptop dies! And it's not a piece of shit either!
  8. QUOTE (Silas Lang @ Mar 31 2012, 11:49 PM) The stars and the cosmos were all aligned for the Floyd when they made this record. First of all, it was created in an era when they were able play it live for a full year before even starting on the recording of it without the problem of it being out on the internet. That was critical in allowing it to be as fully developed and flawless as possible prior to committing it to tape. They also had the great fortune that EMI assigned engineer Alan Parsons to them. It's not like they went out themselves and specifically chose him to work with. It was Parsons who was responsible for the clocks at the beginning of 'Time' (which he had already recorded on his own without any previous knowledge of Dark Side) and inviting Clare Torry to do the session for 'Great Gig'. Then there was Zabriskie Point director Antonioni rejecting the 'Us and Them' music for that film which allowed them to use it for Dark Side (amazingly it wasn't used for Atom Heart Mother, Meddle or Obscured By Clouds). So many happy accidents that allowed Dark Side to turn out as perfectly as it did. Perhaps it was destiny. This. Actually, I think everything went well for Pink Floyd for every album from Dark Side to The Wall, with the best of those four being Animals. I consider that the most "Perfect" album, but, judging by a personal sense of what the word "Perfect" is for a given person, one could say that Dark Side was better than everything else. Don't get me wrong, Dark Side is probably the most influential piece of magic ever made, but I enjoy Animals more. Only thing against Dark Side was Any Colour You Like. Still great, but totally the weakest track on the album. (I think I went really off topic here, lol )
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvY51HF3tNA "Brick where did you get a hand grenade?" "I don't know"
  10. QUOTE (Akron162 @ Mar 27 2012, 05:13 PM)QUOTE (GrandDesigner @ Mar 27 2012, 04:07 PM) Relayer is their best album. It's them at the peak of their creativity and displays a level of chaos they never explored again after this album. It is brash, it is ugly, it is chaotic, it is absolutely beautiful in every way. The insanity that is The Gates of Delirium sets up the gorgeous serenity of Soon so perfectly, it's the sunlight after a brutal storm. This song is the best thing Yes ever did, and the other two songs manage to capture insanity and tranquility in shorter packages. Their best album is and always gonna be Close to the Edge. Relayer just continue the decline that started in Tales From Topographic Oceans. Would be funnier if I could figure out how to get the video to work. Do you use the img button or hyperlink it? Or can you not enable videos on TRF?
  11. Colour My World-Chicago As time goes on, I realize Just what you mean to me. And now, now that you're near, Promise your love that I've waited to share And dreams of our moments together. Color my world with hopes of loving you
  12. Layla-Clapton Half the songs off of 1984-Van Halen The First 6 songs off of Ten-Pearl Jam Nothing Else Matters-Metallica Kashmir-Led Zeppelin The Camera Eye-Rush Siberian Khatru-Yes I think I got more, I'll update later. These are just riffs I personally really love.
  13. QUOTE (ghostworks @ Dec 14 2011, 09:29 PM) QUOTE (GuitarKid 1880 @ Dec 13 2011, 08:01 PM) A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace, And rearrange you liver to the solid mental grace, And achieve it all with music that came quickly from afar, Then taste the fruit of man recording losing all against the hour. -Close To The Edge, Yes QUOTE "Dawn of light lying between a silence and sold sources, chased amid fusions of wonder in moments hardly seen, forgotten..." > album - Tales From Topographic Oceans I skimmed the thread just to see if this was said. ^ see, here's the thing I love the CTTE album... much more than Topographic Oceans but the opening lyrics to CTTE are ridiculous - hate them The Revealing Science Of God isn't half the song CTTE is, but the opening lyrics are perfect poetry I adore Tales, much more than CTTE, I also find the opening to The Revealing Science Of God to be poetry, but CTTE has some darn cool lyric openings. Probably should've made it the AAAHHHHH instead xD
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