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Geddy Lee Book for Christmas!


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Just got the Geddy Lee book for Christmas! :cheers:


Wondered if anyone else got it for Christmas?  To be honest I would never have bought it myself (after being an astromancing uber-fan for 40+ years I know a lot of the lore and also I'm afraid to know everything because it might ruin the mystery a bit) but it was a nice thought and am about 40 pages in.


Cheers! :biggrin:

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I got the audio in November and Hubby bought me the book for Christmas.  Am up to the chapter where he just got married, now I can go back and look at the pictures. :biggrin:  Enjoying Geddy's narration, taking my time to savor it.

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I got the hard copy for attending the gig and I also acquired the audible version.

As Rhyta says, the combination of listening to Geddy's great narration, and seeing the pictures in the book, makes it a real immersive experience!

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I'm at the chapter about how Geddy's parents met!





Over the years, I've read of the harrowing experiences his parents had and the fact that they met at a concentration camp is some kind of cosmic fate/miracle...that his parents met during those unbelievable circumstances and that Geddy was...made.  If this doesn't prove 'love at first sight' I don't know what does...it's Shakespearean.  Just blows my mind really.  Something out of a movie.  They always say fact is stranger than fiction...that old adage proves itself to be correct over and over again. 


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