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Foo Fighters have announced upcoming festival gigs, but not who will take Taylor’s place behind the kit. Who do you think it will be?

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6 minutes ago, J2112YYZ said:

I'm not sure Taylor's son is a good idea. Even if they wait until he's a bit older. The pressure of that would be so immense. He would no doubt have to constantly hear from people "yeah, you're good kid but you're not your old man". The band knows that's exactly what would happen and probably don't want to put him in that kind of spot unless he is adamant about it and convinces them he could handle it. Better to go with a more seasoned drummer who has toured before and knows what to expect and can handle any criticism that comes their way.

Yep, this exactly.

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2 hours ago, Rod in Toronto said:

Jason Bonham did it.


Yes, but it wasn't full time. It was random shows over the years. I don't think Foo Fighters are slowing down that much yet.

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