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Rick Mercer (Canadian celeb) commenting on Neil


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Probably not well known outside of Canuckistan, Rick Mercer (of This Hour Has 22 Minutes and The Mercer Report fame) was on Cross Country Checkup last Sunday on CBC Radio. The show is typically a call-in program discussing current events, but some times they invite a politician or "famous Canadian" for the last half hour to answer listener's questions.


Over the years, Rick has hosted Prime Ministers, Premiers, lots of popular Canadian icons - like many, many of them. He is almost a king of variety comedy and political commentary.

Rick is a mediocre drummer of leading edge amateur status, he admires musicians and has done segments on the Sabian cymbals maker in Meductic, NB.


He was asked by a caller "who was his favourite guest star?" Without a second of hesitation he said Neil Peart, like it should have been obvious.

He said a bit about Neil's humour, self deprecating style, general down to earth warmth and how fun it was drumming together and just being a great guy.


I think many of us agree!


As an aside, another favourite of Rick's was Jean Chretien (Prime Minister from 1993 to 2003). They were silly and Rick pretended to be bored the entire time Mr. Chretien told all his stories of politics. When JC was campaigning, it was Neil who interviewed the soon to be elected PM on Much Music (Our MTV). Of course Neil had read the entire campaign book and asked very specific questions to which JC was pretty impressed. All on Youtube, somewhere :)

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Everybody should see the above, it's so Neil. It's so Rick. Together they jammed and clearly looked comfortable about it all.
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I gather I am supposed to find meaning in the above?

It feels off the mark, but making a point about conflict - please use words to help us/me understand :codger:

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