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My Band Covered Force Ten and Where's My Thing?


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I don't know if it's a bit cheeky to post this thread here, so if any mods want to move this to a different part of the forum then I totally understand! I play drums in a band called Kyros and today we released a covers album that includes 2 Rush covers - Force Ten and Where's My Thing?.


The Where's My Thing cover I'm particularly proud of as it was intended as a tribute to Neil. I arranged it myself, making it similar to the live version and included a (short) drum solo in the middle. The aim for the solo was simply to sound as much like Neil as possible and I'm very pleased with how it turned out! It was for Neil in his honour and I hope people here enjoy it. The drum performances for both songs were done in one take and I will be releasing a video of the drum recording for Where's My Thing soon!



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I'm normally skeptical about most Rush covers because the vocals are usually terrible but those sounded great!!! Good job! And choosing less obvious tracks like Force Ten & WMT? instead of songs that have been beaten to death like TSawyer or Spirit was a good idea as well

Thumbs up from me!

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Very, very, very well done. I like the little details that give each song a unique twist, they're covers in the best sense of the word. Your solo in WMT is VERY Neil-esque, mission accomplished!


I'll echo what jnoble said, the vocals are impressive. I've heard very few Rush covers with decent vocals, most people try to emulate Geddy and just sound awkward doing it. One small critique, though: the mix is a little off to my ears, the vocals are mixed too high in the verses, and maybe a little too low in the choruses, it feels a little imbalanced.


Nice album art, too! It feels almost like a riff on the 2112 Starman...

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