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"Moving Pictures 40th Anniversary"


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On 8/23/2023 at 4:53 PM, Claude_verret said:

If you never took the plunge the super deluxe version is currently $126 on Amazon




Still too much. I want the Super Deluxe Artbook  with discs and Bluray for $30-$40.

Don't need the rest of the trinkets and most of the repros. Already have the originals. Don't need the vinyl either.

I can keep waiting.

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Bumping this old thread....


you know on the end of YYZ on 'Live in YYZ', I just don't hear any drums on the last 4 closing notes of the song. I decided to use studio.gaudiolab.io to separate out the drums focusing on the end of the song. Are there indeed no drums there??  Here is the result.



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Problem with the source tape?  Sounds like something was there to me. Hard to say if it was flubbed. Interesting find. Haven't listened to that one in a while.

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