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  1. If you never took the plunge the super deluxe version is currently $126 on Amazon
  2. Distant Early Warning - 11/25/84 Honolulu. Last show of GUP tour.
  3. I sent a link to those who asked. If anyone else would like one let me know.
  4. I grabbed both versions (16/44 & 24/96) and am of course happy to share. I just need to find my way back on to Wetransfer or create a new account.
  5. This full show is now on DIME. Sadly, the taper Mark Moore recently passed away according to the notes below. Rush March 5, 1976 Mount Prospect, Illinois, USA Randhurst Arena "Listen To This, Geddy" Analog Kid Audio Video (AKAV) Contrast clause: The material in this torrent has never circulated previously. Both a 96-24 and a 44-16 version are being provided. For best results, get the 96-24! Lineage: Memorex MRX2 120-minute master analog cassette recorded from the audience > 2022 transfer via Chord Company interconnects from Nakamichi Dragon > Naim NAC 72 (with Naim Hi-Cap power supply) > Lavry Blue 4496 AD converter > Sound Devices 722 digital audio recorder > Reaper (Elastique 3.3.3 Pro speed and pitch correction, r8brain free sample rate conversion for the 44-16 version) > FLAC 0 DO NOT SELL - PLEASE. Tracks: 01 Intro 02 Bastille Day 03 Anthem 04 Lakeside Park 05 I Think I'm Going Bald 06 By-Tor & The Snow Dog 07 Fly by Night 08 Working Man/Drum Solo 09 Finding My Way It's a great day to be a Rush fan. Firstly, a huge thanks to Mark Moore for recording this concert, and for his selfless generosity in sharing with Rush fans everywhere. Please visit Mark's YouTube channel and leave a comment of appreciation: www.youtube.com/@markmoore1993 Also, a huge thanks to Jim Bossier for never giving up on finding the tape after all these years, and for orchestrating the digital transfer of the master tape in 2022. Mark and Jim, you guys ROCK! Regarding the guy who yells, "You suck, Kansas! Kansas, you suck!" between Fly by Night and Working Man... He was close enough to the microphone to suggest he's a friend of the taper. Mark and his friends were there to see Rush. Thus, the comment was not likely about Rush. (As anyone who listens to this recording will attest, Rush's performance does not suck!) Instead, the comment may have been directed to someone nearby in the crowd, perhaps to a fan wearing a Kansas t-shirt. To curb any speculation, the Kansas performance following Rush was not recorded. (Again, Mark was there for Rush). Regarding when the Caress of Steel tour ended and the 2112 tour began... In the early days of the internet, fans created an "Unofficial Rush Tour Dates Listing" which was posted on Jimmy Lang and Meg Jahnke's website The National Midnight Star. (Anyone remember that?!) While this initial attempt to chronicle Rush's concert history was indeed a noble effort, it contained many gaps, through no fault of those involved, simply because so little information was available at that time. For years, this list showed the Caress of Steel tour ended on January 10, 1976 at Massey Hall in Toronto and the 2112 tour began on March 15, 1976 at the Starwood in West Hollywood, California - with no other shows between those two dates. Version 5.0 of the list, updated on March 17, 1999, still reflected the Caress of Steel tour ending on January 10, 1976 and the 2112 tour beginning on March 15, 1976. We now know Rush did in fact play concerts in February 1976 and early March 1976, prior to the March 15 Starwood date; however, the old notion (based solely on a lack of information) that the Caress tour ended on January 10, 1976 has become fixed in the minds of many Rush fans. This recording from Randhurst Arena on March 5, 1976 offers new evidence to challenge that long-held belief. If you view Randhurst as a 2112 show (or even a "pre-2112" show), then how do you explain the complete absence of 2112 material? Further, a review of Rush's HEADLINE performance on February 21, 1976 in Brantford, Ontario reported the setlist as, "three songs from each of three albums" and even went so far to say, "It would have been nice to hear something from "2112" but what can you do?" If Rush was not performing anything from 2112 during shows they headlined in February 1976, it's a hard sell to consider these dates being part of the 2112 tour. Whatever you call it, a concert tape of Rush playing songs from only their first three albums does not come along often. (The last time was 1999.) So again, a huge thanks to Mark and Jim for bringing this amazing music to our ears. A few technical notes for those interested. Analog Kid Audio Video believes a less-is-more production is usually best. What you hear is quite faithful to the original tape, with minimal post processing. No EQ, compression, noise reduction, limiting, stereo imaging, etc. was used. A speed adjustment of 0.96 was applied via Elastique 3.3.3 Pro in Reaper. (Always remember to uncheck the "Preserve pitch when changing rate" box when adjusting speed and pitch on analog tapes.) The recording was captured directly from the tape at -15 LUFS, which lies precisely between the Spotify standard of -14 LUFS and Apple Music at -16 LUFS, so no adjustments were made to the overall volume. If you think the sound is too low, turn it up! Analog Kid Audio Video is committed to preserving as much recorded sound as possible. No part of this Rush recording was edited or faded in/out. (Because the concert was recorded on a 120-minute tape, it was possible to capture 60 continuous minutes on each side, which is why there are no pauses or tape flips during the performance.) The beginning fade in and ending fade out you hear in the final production were both constructed by copying and pasting crowd noise from existing parts of the tape, in order to keep every second of recorded sound intact. The minimal production is a testament to Mark Moore's fine capture. This recording sounds remarkably good coming directly off the tape. A note to all you "remaster" wizards out there: please refrain from mangling this into your own Frankenstein monster. If the extra processing was truly needed, it would have been applied! Lastly, if you recorded Rush or have "rare" Rush tapes in your possession, why not share the wealth like Mark Moore? Is your tape more "rare" than a show with I Think I'm Going Bald? Ha - probably not. Please contact Analog Kid Audio Video to have your tapes transferred and restored with the careful attention to detail they deserve. Gifted by Analog Kid Audio Video on January 29, 2023. ADDENDUM: The above notes were written in early January 2023. Woefully, Mark Moore passed away on January 24, 2023. We honor Mark's wishes by sharing this recording. Mark was passionate about music and passionate about sharing with others. He stated, "I want to share the past with all" and "Music is meant to be shared". In addition to rock bands such as Rush, Montrose, Kiss and Piper (to name a few), Mark also loved blues, including artists like Joe Bonamassa and Rory Gallagher. Mark: "I'm a big Rory Gallagher lover!!!" In his last text, Mark sent photos of his original 1975 pressing of Caress of Steel and said, "Sooo glad I have my old vinyl." Well said! Thanks again, Mark. May your memory live on. If you enjoy this free historical document and you don't already own every Rush album, please support the band and buy an official CD or DVD today. RUSH WANTED! In search of: uncirculated Rush recordings, vintage Rush master/low generation audio and video tapes of concerts, interviews, radio and TV appearances, and any other interesting or unusual Rush recordings from 1968 to present. Especially searching for Rush Super8 film concert footage shot from the audience and Rush pro-shot video footage from the Capital Centre in Landover, MD, The Palace in Auburn Hills, MI and The Summit in Houston, TX.
  6. My first exposures to Rush did not immediately lead to an obsession. I distinctly remember hearing ESL on 8 track in my older sisters boyfriends car. For some odd reason I remember hearing The Body Electric on the radio and thinking it was cool. I remember hearing Time Stand Still in the background at high school parties. But it wasn't until my freshman year in college when the RA on my floor played Rush all the time that I was bitten by the Rush bug. Presto was recently released, so within a few months I had that and all of their previous albums on CD thanks to Columbia House record club. First album that I bought on release day was Roll The Bones and also the first tour seeing them live.
  7. My wife is a huge ONJ fan. She has been weepy the past 24 hours and playing Olivia constantly. She got to meet her in person in Vegas a few years back...a thrill of lifetime for her. She has heard from dozens of friends that she hasn't heard from in many years because they thought of my wife first when they heard the news of her passing. She asked me today if I felt like her when Neil passed. I told her that I absolutely did. Then she says to me but I didn't see you cry? That's right I said, you didn't SEE me cry. RIP Olivia.
  8. Some new songs live. All God's Children a Ty lead vocal. And a few classics.
  9. Wasn't there, but listening to a nice 2 source matrix of the LA show now. Time flies...
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