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Rush: Time Stand Still Coming to Theaters November 3rd


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This doc really sucked.. cash cow.. they will do this every year around this time.. Rush has been done since 1997..


Who crapped in your cornflakes? :LOL:

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FYI, in case people didn't notice in whichever place they mentioned it--there is a DVD release with an extra booklet signed by Alan Weinrib and Dale Heslip at newbury comics for basically the normal price of the DVD (limit of 5 per customer). I have bought from them before several times and their autographed items are all authentic, usually special preorders at no extra charge, and you get a sealed copy of the release with an extra booklet that is hand-signed. Normally it's with CD releases. They also have a lot of vinyl that they sell, sometimes releasing their own exclusive limited pressings of certain titles. Anyway, I figure people here would be interested in something like this, since the autographed booklet is basically a freebie, and nobody runs around looking for Geddy's brother's autograph that I know of. Here's the link: https://www.newburyc...ant=30252031820


What did you think of the autographs?


Allan's almost looks like a messier version of Carl Palmer and it looks like Dave's "signature" almost looks looks like he printed it.


Still cool though. May try to snag a poster at FYE. Gumby and the tour laminate don't do much for me.

I'd not mind having a tour laminate--totally forgot to ask my friend who manages Jacks Music to hold one for me.


Autographs are what they are, but I was surprised that there was no booklet and that they signed a whole outer package without the DVD in it. Also surprised it was signed on the back. I was really happily surprised it came on the 18th with my Amazon preorder for the BluRay.


I was at Jack's a few years back for Record Store Day a few years back. Nice store. I wish I could have spent more time there, I really like the artwork on the inside. I wish there was a poster for that.

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I watched the documentary at home for the first time, this weekend (I started it yesterday, finished it up this morning)- first time I had seen it since the first theater screening.


When I saw it in the theater, I was with a friend of mine who went to see Rush shows with me from 1990-2013, and I got choked up a bit, at the film.


Watching it alone today, there at the end, the coverage of the final show...I flat-out cried. I cried a lot. But it was a good cry.


There is truly no other band like them, and never has been, anywhere, ever. What a great bunch of guys.

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