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Found 12 results

  1. Same concept as my previous thread, with a little re-tooling Five years enter, one will reign supreme! What is the best year for music from the early 1970s? We're talking albums, live shows and live recordings - what year rules the roost?? Nominate THREE years from this timespan by giving the following number of points #1 best year (first best) - 5 points #2 best year (second best) - 3 points #3 best year (third best) - 1 point An example ballot would look like this My #1 vote - 1972 (5 points) My #2 vote - 1974 (3 points) My #3 vote - 1970 (1 point) After enough votes are cast, I'll tally up all the points and pit the top four vote getters against each other. Least number of votes from preliminary five is automatically eliminated The four remaining will be seeded a la the NHL playoffs (1 vs 4, 2 vs 3) head to head. Winners of that head to head round will face each other in the Final Round, with one year being declared the victor! (I will keep a tally of current points at the top of this post, editing as needed)
  2. Really surprised this thread doesn't exist yet. What do you think is the best song from this album? For me, probably Headlong Flight, but Clockwork Angels and Seven Cities of Gold are close seconds.
  3. Pick your Top 1, 2, or 3 favorite Albums from the SUPER undervalued Canadian Power Trio, Triumph. (Rik Emmett is one of the most underrated Guitarists in all of rock as well) Personally, Thunder Seven is a MASTERPIECE! I enjoy every second of it. Just A Game is my obvious 2nd pick, but if I had to choose a 3rd it'll probably be Allied Forces, although it kills me to not choose Never Surrender in the top 3
  4. Here are the rules. Rank the worst most absolute crap Rush songs ever. Ok, I'll start 1) Xanadu
  5. "Poll issues" taken care of, please enjoy this new take on an old poll..I worked way too hard on it lol
  6. 2000 - 2009 2010 - Present (or future predictions if you'd like to make that stretch)
  7. Which one are you? :codger:
  8. I looked for a poll (not that hard cause I'm lazy) but what is Rush's top album! Your absolute #1. Go.
  9. This is a hypothetical question, of course. We're just making this up for fun.
  10. I was curious to see what everyone thought was the best show opener Rush has chosen in the past. The choices are from the A Farewell to Kings Tour onward as that was when they started having a consistent setlist. My Choice is the Big Money
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