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Found 24 results

  1. Bands only. No individual artists. I included The Band even though one guy was from the US. Genesis isn't on this list either.
  2. I only included band names that didn't have an individuals name like Tom Petty. I know Van Halen is a name, but that is two different people not just one. Good luck with this one. I had a tough time trying to figure out who to include and who to leave out. Slayer and Linkin Park are two examples I changed my mind on to include Cheap Trick and Talking Heads. Many people will probably be mad for leaving someone out.
  3. I'm sure this has been done before but I couldn't find a specifically top five favorite guitarists thread with the search after a couple tries. I've thought about mine many times before, but after Tuesday afternoon my old list demands change. Here it is: 1. Tie - Brian May and Alex Lifeson 2. Eddie Van Halen (time will tell if he stays here or turns my number one spot into a 3-way tie, both are entirely possible) 3. David Gilmore 4. John Petrucci 5. Steve Howe Honorable mentions to Steve Hackett (who would probably beat out Howe if he just cared to show off a bit more), Matt Bellamy, Dave Mustaine, Glenn Tipton, and Jimi Hendrix.
  4. Mine's Coming Soon by Queen. I've just never gotten into it. From my point of view, despite a couple of odd timings, it's a very paint by numbers attempt at new wave and Queen rarely every did anything "paint-by-numbers." They always succeeded the most from going really outside the box (or sometimes failed the most, but usually in the most interesting ways). Coming Soon just feels very safe, average, unoffensive...not Queen.
  5. let's make a list of TRF's 120 favorite sounding albums, then we'll vote to see which one wins! 1. Permanent Waves - Rush Probably the best sounding 70s album ;)
  6. Title is pretty self-explanatory. What's your favorite Rush album? Also, you can rank every Rush album from 1-20 if you prefer (I do!) Sorry if this topic already exists, I looked it up and didn't see it so I decided to create it myself. *EDIT* Feedback isn't technically Rush, so include it if you like but the songs on that track were made by other artists. 19. Presto 18. Caress of Steel 17. Roll the Bones 16. Hold Your Fire 15. Rush 14. Fly By Night 13. Hemispheres 12. 2112 11. Signals 10. Counterparts 9. A Farewell to Kings 8. Moving Pictures 7. Power Windows 6. Grace Under Pressure 5. Permanent Waves 4. Test for Echo 3. Clockwork Angels 2. Snakes & Arrows 1. Vapor Trails
  7. NOTE: The following groupings of albums is NOT intended to classify, categorize or otherwise codify the albums in any logical fashion other than to divide them up into as equal a number of albums as possible for the five groupings-- ***Feel free to choose your solos from live albums as well for the relevant grouping of albums...*** FOLLOWING ARE MY FIVE FAVORITE LERXST SOLOS FROM THE LISTED FIVE ALBUM GROUPINGS... I am interested to know what yours are~ RUSH >>>>>2112 - - - The "By-Tor and the Snowdog" solo from ATWAS AFTK >>>>>MP - - - The "LVS 'A Lerxst in Wonderland'" solo from HEMISPHERES (I think this is the correct part-Please correct me if I am wrong) SIGNALS >>>>>HYF - - - The "The Analog Kid" solo from SIGNALS PRESTO >>>>>T4E - - - The "Cut to the Chase" solo from CP VT >>>>>CA - - - The "Headlong Flight" solo from CA ~~~
  8. Despite the recent tragedy that destroyed about 2/3's of the complex, this will be a fun topic. Which Le Studio record was your favorite? This could be from Rush or any other artist that recorded there. My favorite is Presto. Love the ambient textures in the album, Rush had some great ideas at the time. May Le Studio's far side rest in peace...
  9. Ice cream stuff....if you know what a Dairy Queen Banana Supreme was, it was a banana split in half, then the halves split again, but into a plastic parfait container, and filled with vanilla soft serve and hot fudge and sprinkled with chopped pecans. That was my favorite thing at Dairy Queen....I can get a Blizzard made with those ingredients now, but I prefer the Chocolate instead of the vanilla soft serve! YESSSSSSSSSS!!! http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j223/OldRUSHfan/Banana%20World/Cold%20Banana%20see%20breath.gif
  10. Simple. Pick your favorite Alex Lifeson Lyrics songs from each album and all together. (I'll be back later to make my post) Enjoy!
  11. Seems straightforward, interesting question. Here's some notes: --The obvious ones obviously count (e.g. Sammy Hagar, Billy Squire, Bryan Adams, etc.) --The ones with their name followed by the name of their band--or a similar name configuration--also count (e.g. The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Paul McCartney and Wings, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, etc.) --The artists who came kinda close to rock, but were more of another genre, are decidedly debatable and must be defended (e.g. Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison etc.) --artists who had a solo career but are much more well known for their career with a band are extremely debatable and must must must be defended (e.g. Geddy Lee, Roger Taylor, maybe even Ozzy Osborne, etc.). --if an artist is mentioned in someone's list and is questioned by another person, that artist is considered debatable and must be defended --top 5 lists are preferable I can't decide yet, so go! :)
  12. Which is better? The studio version? The live version? Which live version? I always thought it'd be interesting to hear others' takes on which version of Rush songs were their favorites. I have my favorites that I always go to for certain songs, what about all of you guys? I'll give an example using all of PeW The Spirit of Radio - Time Machine Tour Freewill - Time Machine Tour Jacob's Ladder - Studio version Entre Nous - Studio version Different Strings - Studio version (No live recordings of this I believe) Natural Science - Snakes and Arrows Live I'm sorry if this has already been done on another thread. I am just curious about other fellow Rush fans out there!
  13. Probably a post that has been battered to death with over usage, but I'm curious to hear answers, so here goes it. There's a new law that restricts everyone to have one Rush song to listen to, their favourite one. Without any smart answers here, what's your favourite Rush song, (the one you choose) and why? After long deliberation and vacillation, mine is Presto, because it's my favourite Rush song and I never get sick of listening to it no matter how many times it comes on shuffle. It's hard though!!
  14. Simple. Pick your favorite Geddy Lee Bass songs from each album and all together. (I'll be back later to make my post) Enjoy!
  15. Simple. Pick your favorite John Rutsey Drum song. (I'll be back later to make my post) Enjoy!
  16. Simple. Pick your favorite Geddy Lee Synth songs from each album and all together. (I'll be back later to make my post) Enjoy!
  17. Simple. Pick your favorite Alex Lifeson guitarsongs from each album and all together. (I'll be back later to make my post) Enjoy!
  18. Simple. Pick your favorite Geddy Lee Vocal songs from each album and all together. (I'll be back later to make my post) Enjoy!
  19. Simple. Pick your favorite Neil Peart Lyrics songs from each album and all together. (I'll be back later to make my post) Enjoy!
  20. Simple. Pick your favorite Neil Peart drum songs from each album (besides Rush of course) and all together. (I'll be back later to make my post) Enjoy!
  21. Simple. Pick your favorite Geddy Lee Lyrics songs from each album and all together. (I'll be back later to make my post) Enjoy!
  22. Simple. Pick your favorite Alex Lifeson Vocal songs from each album and all together. ;)
  23. Post some of your favorites :hail: :rush: Be warned ye- spoilers afoot, arrrgghhh :madra: http://youtu.be/pzoWTU5It1U
  24. Hey, so I was looking through the new articles posted about Rush on the Power Windows website, when I found an article interviewing Geddy, and he is asked his top favorite albums. Of course he is hesitant because like all of them have said, it is like picking a favorite child, he did narrow it down to 2112, Moving Pictures, Power Windows, and Clockwork Angels (not in that order), because he felt they were the most satisfying. I think it does not shock anyone to see 2112, MP, and CA on there, but I am wondering what everyone thinks of Power Windows being up there. I am over-joyed, but slightly shocked, seeing as how not many interviews from the era have them particularly happy with the album compared to how much praise they are giving CA. I would be even more shocked if they did not feature more than halve the album over the last two tours. I was just wondering what everyone else thought, if it is or surprising or not. Here is the link to the article. http://www.list.co.uk/article/51389-interview-with-rush-singer-bassist-geddy-lee/
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