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Found 17 results

  1. You know the drill: choose one song from each album that received little airplay, isn't appreciated as much as it should, or even isn't played live as much as it should be. Here's my list: Rush: Here Again Fly By Night: Beneath, Between, and Behind Caress of Steel: Fountain of Lamneth 2112: The Twilight Zone A Farewell To Kings: Cinderella Man Hemispheres: Circumstances Permanent Waves: Natural Science Moving Pictures: (Are any of them underrated?) Witch Hunt Signals: Losing It Grace Under Pressure: The Enemy Within Power Windows: Emotion Detector Hold Your Fire: Lock and Key Presto: Superconductor Roll the Bones: Neurotica Counterparts: Cold Fire Test For Echo: Totem Vapor Trails: Freeze Snakes and Arrows: The Way the Wind Blows Clockwork Angels: The Wreckers
  2. RUSH B: Working Man W: Take A Friend Fly By Night B: Fly By Night W: Rivendell Caress Of Steel B: Bastille Day W: I Think I'm Going Bald 2112 B: A Passage To Bangkok W: Lessons A Farewell To Kings B: Xanadu W: ... uh.. N/A Hemispheres B: Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres W: T H E T R E E S Permanent Waves B: The Spirit Of Radio W: ....Different Strings? Moving Pictures B: Limelight W: The Camera Eye Signals B: Subdivisions W: god why the hell is it so hard to choose a bad song on every albumdigital man Grace Under Pressure B: Distant Early Warning W: Red Lenses Power Windows B: The Big Money W: Middletown Dreams... Hold Your Fire B: Prime Mover W: Tai Shan Presto B: Show Don't Tell W: The Pass Roll The Bones B: Dreamline W: Face Up Counterparts B: Animate W: Double Agent Test For Echo B: Test For Echo W: Time And Motion Vapor Trails B: Vapor Trail W: Nocturne Snakes & Arrows B: Far Cry W: The Way The Wind Blows Clockwork Angels B: Caravan W: BU2B2 sorry if I triggered anyone, It's what I do best :sundog:
  3. Title is pretty self-explanatory. What's your favorite Rush album? Also, you can rank every Rush album from 1-20 if you prefer (I do!) Sorry if this topic already exists, I looked it up and didn't see it so I decided to create it myself. *EDIT* Feedback isn't technically Rush, so include it if you like but the songs on that track were made by other artists. 19. Presto 18. Caress of Steel 17. Roll the Bones 16. Hold Your Fire 15. Rush 14. Fly By Night 13. Hemispheres 12. 2112 11. Signals 10. Counterparts 9. A Farewell to Kings 8. Moving Pictures 7. Power Windows 6. Grace Under Pressure 5. Permanent Waves 4. Test for Echo 3. Clockwork Angels 2. Snakes & Arrows 1. Vapor Trails
  4. What are some of your favorite extended piece album openers? Preferably 6+ minutes. Here are just a couple of mine: Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John Station To Station - David Bowie
  5. What track on each album would you consider its hidden gem?
  6. I think it would be cool if Rush wrote an album that consisted of every song being a different genre of music that they have played over the years. A few prog rock songs, one or two syth songs, a blues rock song, and maybe a few alternative rock songs like off of Counterparts.
  7. So I had a random idea. List every album as the most ____ of them all! I'll be back later with my list. Go for it! :)
  8. Hey everyone, Sorry if it's been covered but I'm one of the fans that buys everything Rush puts out (except the R40 boxset). I have the latest remasters (sector box sets) and I've been buying the album remasters. Don't ask me why. I think I'm trying to relive the days when my new Rush albums came in the mail from RCA. My question is am I getting anything different with the digital download than I already have? Is this remaster different from the Sector sets?
  9. Simple. Do you remember the first album you ever bought or at least the first that really had an impact in your life. Maybe its just the album that made you want to go get more of that particular genre and your taste and preferences in music was formed.....
  10. I looked for a poll (not that hard cause I'm lazy) but what is Rush's top album! Your absolute #1. Go.
  11. Last tour besides their featured album (Clockwork Angels) Rush decided to highlight Power Windows as well. Which album do you think they will showcase on the next tour and why? I think they will Play All of Permanent Waves on the next tour as the featured album. I also think that the will showcase Counterparts on this tour. It was a very good album for them and one that hasn't really been captured live. I think they will play: Animate Stick it Out Cut to the Chase (Never played Live) Alien Shore (Never played Live) Cold Fire from Counterpart.
  12. Not sure if this thread has been done before, but I figured I'd start it anyways. Pretty straightforward: what's the best guitar sound/song on each album. In your opinion of course (unless it disagrees with mine ;) ) (As usual posting only the albums I've listened to ) Rush: ...Working Man for the riff, but if you ignore Alex's less experienced earlier style the whole album is great for guitar! 2112: 2112, namely the solos in Presentation, Soliloquy, and Grand Finale, but I love the start of Something For Nothing AFTK: Xanadu (for the intro) Hemispheres: La Villa Strangiato (was there ever any question?) PeW: The Spirit Of Radio MP: Red Barchetta Signals: The Analog Kid P/G: Between The Wheels PoW: Territories/Middletown Dreams HYF: Turn The Page/Open Secrets/Lock And Key ... CA: Clockwork Angels (that guitar entrance is still the most amazing sound on the album to me)
  13. I know that this will probably only happen in my wildest dreams, especially considering that Geddy is turning 61 this year and he's already said that he is fulfilled musically through being in Rush. But I would love another solo album from him. When I first really discovered Rush a few years back one of the first things I did was download his solo. I read a couple(?) of reviews that compared the album to just another Rush album but there is something different about it, especially lyrically. I know that a lot of the songs were co-written but I think Geddy had a lot more to do with the lyrics than he does with Rush songs and there is a different feel that I connect with even more than I do most Rush songs, and that is saying a lot. What do you guys think? Would you like to see another solo from Geddy or are you satisfied alone with Rush as a whole?
  14. Not counting Rush albums (as if there would be any!), what album that you LOVE took the longest to grow on you? Maybe you hated it at first, or just didn't get it... Housemartins - I remember back in the college (in the '80s!) hearing their first 2 albums over and over and over again, and thinking every single song sounded exactly the same. But now… well, all the songs still sound kinda similar, but those are 2 great albums. Neil Young - Tonight's the Night - I stuck with it because I kept reading how awesome it was supposed to be. It took forever (maybe 15 or 20 listens), but I finally got there. Now I put it on every time I want to remember what it's like to lose a beloved pet :( The Who -Sell Out - not sure why this took a long time to grab me. Lots of great songs and funny commercials. Maybe in another 20 years I'll finally start to like The Final Cut.
  15. Hey, so I was looking through the new articles posted about Rush on the Power Windows website, when I found an article interviewing Geddy, and he is asked his top favorite albums. Of course he is hesitant because like all of them have said, it is like picking a favorite child, he did narrow it down to 2112, Moving Pictures, Power Windows, and Clockwork Angels (not in that order), because he felt they were the most satisfying. I think it does not shock anyone to see 2112, MP, and CA on there, but I am wondering what everyone thinks of Power Windows being up there. I am over-joyed, but slightly shocked, seeing as how not many interviews from the era have them particularly happy with the album compared to how much praise they are giving CA. I would be even more shocked if they did not feature more than halve the album over the last two tours. I was just wondering what everyone else thought, if it is or surprising or not. Here is the link to the article. http://www.list.co.uk/article/51389-interview-with-rush-singer-bassist-geddy-lee/
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