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  1. at what point is the pop? 10sec? i have a digital version that was shared with me, that i think is from HD tracks and its definitely softer than your version rip of the CD so i'm guessing mine is a diff source. its 16bit version. my version has no break in the live show so i'm guessing, whoever put this out, either wiped it out, or if HD sourced this, they made it seamless....there has to be a fade on the CDs i imagine. there is a pop/digital click at 10 sec on yours but i don't believe its on mine. could be CD manufacturing error likely. i a/b them on winamp, same volume, mine is a Flac version but shouldn't matter. yours is brighter as well but that is the volume....that CD is defective but extremely minor. wonder if the whole lot are? i gotta admit, if this wasn't pointed out, i would have a really hard time hearing it with speakers, but on headphones, i might have picked up on it...curious if anyone else has any thoughts..... with headphones, the album is so crisp, i think some of the clicks and such after that are the bass strings....etc, even the snare, etc. the music is that clear....i don't think that is the case at 10sec however. any ya, i have no issue getting this for free. I've spent more than most of you on the band, i can guarantee that and since the Band cashed out and the current record company has royalty f***ed up most of the 40th releases (this one excluded as far as the music goes), i won't support them. Esp considering the live material sitting in a drawer wasting away....f***ing moronic. i guess they are waiting for all of us to die.....then they will release it for the current generation who could care less... look at most bands pumping out archival live material and doing it right and making money....it makes no sense...but most of what they have done makes no sense when it comes to live material and the mixes for the most part.... ninjadave.
  2. I'm told by the original sound man, that FoL was played on occasion during the CoS tour when they headlined. Maybe not completely but most likely its true. I do believe the Tour Book history recently released also makes note of this song being played occasionally. if the 1/10/76 show setlist is even remotely close to being a true set, god did someone miss out not recording that. That would be, the ultimate holy grail, hands down. I can't believe no taper recorded that show when earlier gigs were recorded in Toronto. Probably in a drawer somewhere...I have hope someday that another COS tour gig will be unearthed.....they played enough dates that only one show being taped by a Kiss Taper seems IMPOSSIBLE...... ninjadave.
  3. They had issues making the Audio match up with the Video. And these are the songs they were able to make work. No. I initially thought that but every song on the bonus disc (aside from Limelight) has never had a live video release so it's pretty obvious that they deliberately selected these songs. Maybe they were only willing to pay to fix the songs that haven't already been released. All the other songs from the show have had a live video release in one form or another. i think this is partially true. clearly, something happened with this show and it was canned. i think the performance or the vocal was not very good so they couldn't release a partial til now....its crap. give it all to us!!!!! there is no way that its a synch issue. there are so many bootlegs out there with video from one source and audio from another that lay people synch up fine....that makes NO sense at all if you know anything about this stuff and i know very little. better than nothing. rock on.
  4. I would say that its way too early for me to be depressed about the tour being over. I saw 5 shows in 2013 and I had to be at the last show in KC the other night....it was a last minute decision and the flight worked out or I probably would not have gone. I'm glad I did, very high energy, not perfect performance wise, as i think the focus was elsewhere...but it implies they need a break. As much as i hate to say it, they do. they have toured 6 of the last 7 years, i understand it makes sense with the growth in their popularity and the fact that they are not getting younger...but.....as much as anyone, i want to see them again and again...but they are due a long break. my thought is, CA is gonna be impossible to top. its that good. if they decide to do something in 2015, they may write a couple tunes and do something like TIME Machine....but there are no albums to do unless its PeW or 2112, both of which would I be estatic about....and so would the diehards....however, vocally, not gonna be a good thing so I think a complete album is out as well....best we can hope for is two or three new songs and a tour with some good mix of tunes....maybe they'll come up with some wacky theme for a R41 or R42 tour...who knows. but if for some unforseen reason, the KC show was it, they went out on a high note touring behind the best album in 30 years.... looking forward to the DVD and audio, i hope they give the show justice and let the music breathe in its raw form...if anyone heard the sample board they posted of the Novia Scotia show, you know if they mix this right, it could be an incredible live album....we can only hope.
  5. Since the TFE tour for sure.....the longer shows almost made it required. back then, he probably just needed them as back up.....even now, as the tour goes on, he needs it less and less, but its nice having it as a back up for sure....
  6. Great tour. I was there for the last show of the TFE tour in Ottawa after hearing about the rumours that it might be "over", not knowing what was to happen months later and Neil's tradegy's and really thought as time went on, that might be it, but seeing that "reunion" show in Hartford is a night i'll never forget. i can still see the stage if i close my eyes and during the encore I almost passed out from complete joy...there were very emotional moments of the show - acoustic Resist, between sun and moon, the insane ENCORE. Driving back home and catching them in Scranton the next night and getting the substituted tunes, i was 4th row for that and what a gig.....right in front of Lerxst. Anytime I think about the band in a negative way or get nitpicky about something, I try and think back to that time and the fact we are extremely lucky to have them touring at all. It always brings me back to reality and my love for the guys and the music is such that rarely does anything irritate me these days about them. Other than the first set of this current tour....LOL...just kidding...there is very little that I can complain about.....we are all extrememly lucky to have them touring and producing new music. CA is a literally a gift from GOD and i'm going to enjoy it for a long time to come.....I just need to find a way to get to that KS show......just in case....but mostly to see those CA tunes one more time...shit they are GOOD!!!! Rock on.
  7. depends what set they open with on the new leg, there are only 6 shows in the final leg, which leads me to believe it will be MD and thus no manhattan project.(they have been opening the legs with Limelight usually)...but hard to say until we see the set for calgary.
  8. the band is definately starting to hit the groove. they are never perfect but the new tunes are sounding much tighter and I disagree completely, if you can hear anything clearly at the show, you will hear the strings....they totally make the new songs great and Caravan is incredible with them. IMO. The Columbus show was a really good show all around, I was happy to see Spirit played for the first time this tour (shows I attended). GED is really having a good time this tour and his voice is the best since 2008. the TM tour set was brutal on it. he was never right from the start....he sounds 50% better this tour (at least). enjoy the shows there won't be much more, its a sad fact of life, age is a bitch and it will catch up soon enough and frankly, what will do them in first is GED's voice so prolonging that with tunes that take much less toil on it, is ok by me. some can bitch about the set but its FRESH and NEW. I love La Villa, and the rest of the standards, but I've seen them plenty. any diehard fan should be ok with it. they have only dropped 1-2 70's tunes and the MP/PeW tunes are due for a break. Territories, Where's My Thing?, Analog Kid, the new album and The Body Electric. All very welcomed by me....my only grip really is WHERE THE f**k IS XANADU!!!! lol. that one he can sing with little issue....its my fav.
  9. its most likely what you wrote, except WTW is back in for 7 Cities. that is what the current A/B sets look like from the Pgh show. i got a copy of the new A/B sets from PGH. a picture of such is up on RIAB. either way, enjoy it, as others have said. this could be it, they might have more in the tank but they are one illness or motorcylce accident from the END....as we know it. I am going to all the shows I can. the set is great, My only wish is one or two LESS PoW tunes but hey, its a small complaint...oh, and Force ten can go as well...but other than that.... WHERES MY THING and the CA tunes are worth the price of admission. the string section is FREAKIN amazing. rock on.
  10. you all need to go to RIAB and see the info there. presales are tomorrow for the UK and beyond. good luck all, i might be seeing them in the USA on the second leg depending on the location.....
  11. i had hopes it might be pgh since its a new building but its the second date back from break. they will probably be refreshed but i doubt a clean show but any audio F ups can be fixed. i hope its PGH!!!! i'm there, 16th row.
  12. looking for a good seat on the floor in sect 1 or 3 if possible for the Pgh show Sept 16, trying to tape from a better seat. trying to upgrade from section 5. any help or tips would be appreciated. i have other friends that may need my other tickets so this could work out.... thanks.
  13. in the HIT LIST section in Entertainment Weekly in the summer preview double edition July 9/16. "8. Fresh off their new documentary, Rush get star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The canadian power trio were originally supposed to get one 4/4, but then it switched to 5/4 and all the way to 11/8 before winding up on 6/8." pretty funny.....
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