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  1. As I mentioned, there's no way *I'm* going to fault him for wanting the lyrics nearby - I'm only 42 and I'm not sure what I had for lunch yesterday. It was just one of those "Never noticed those before - wonder how long he's had them on stage" questions/moments.
  2. I'm not sure how much he really "used" it, but from our vantage over on Alex's side, I was able to see one of Geddy's teleprompters scrolling lyrics by. We've had more "central" seats on the last few tours, so I don't know if it's been there for a while now or not - certainly can't fault a 60 year-old guy for wanting a safety net, but it did make me wonder if it's something new or not.
  3. You guys weren't kidding - we LOVED it. What a show. Looking at the set lists, I would have really enjoyed seeing The Pass live again, but other than that I can't complain about the selection what-so-ever. Was cool that it was so heavy on the 80's stuff in the first half of the show - that was a nice surprise. Was thrown off just a bit by the song order for CA (Halo Effect and Seven Cities were not quite in the same place as they are on the album, if I'm remembering correctly) - anyone know why they went that route?
  4. Great shots! So who is that on Geddy's shirt? Looked like there was some text on the back of the shirt but never got a good enough look to actually be able to read it...
  5. Thanks frippy! Part of me wants to see the whole thing start to finish as it's presented on the album, but part of me wants them to have more time to play "other" stuff - so I guess that's a good compromise!
  6. So I've managed to stay away from all set lists and most spoilers this time around, which is rare - but a nice change. Heading to the show in Denver tomorrow night - and while I don't want to know about what else they're playing, I'm curious if my assumption that the CA album is being played in it's entirety is correct... seems like that's most likely the case, but didn't want to peek at an entire set list to figure it out, only to have the other surprises spoiled... Thanks!
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