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  1. When you self-love as much as you claim to do it builds up calluses and creates an artificial "wait" time. Don't try to make your 13 seconds seem normal by pinning it on me. Kegal exercises will help a ton,, :laughing guy:
  2. Thank you everyone :) :D-13: yes in fact i did ride,, and even though my girlfriend was sick, we still had fun and yes i did get a few miles in the wind
  3. Tears,, Closer to the Heart ,, Ghost of a chance, The Garden ,, HOPE ,,Coldfire I love all of these songs,, 5 of them are on my Quiet Time mix that i listen to at night on my IPOD
  4. Have you ever looked at your registration for the Suzuki? It will most likely say Suzi. My registration says Kawk... You ride a Suzi and I ride a kawk... Wait... :LMAO: actually SUZI does sound better,, only because i named my bike Brutus LMAO be careful on the little KAWK
  5. Alsgalpal,, i wont replace my bike for at least the next five years,, the only reason i will replace it is because it will have a ton of miles on it before its all said and done, and at that point i will have been riding since 2003,, 2018 i figure i should be able to handle the 750cc suzuki,, plus im a suzuki guy,lol,,, I was riding last weekend,, my body has a Black CBR 600rr,, it looks like a stealth fighter ,, my buddies Ducati supersport looks like a ferrari ,, my racer boy GSXR looked like a hooligan lol,, i was railing around the curves last weekend,,,
  6. I set the mood with I NEED SOME LOVE,, then i whisper "Resistance is Futile" now that's pillow talk
  7. Nice one Star Trek geek....very appropriate. Even though I despise the first LP I consider your answer well planned and highly circumspect. Uhuru is on board with that song :rfl: :laughing yellow guy: :LMAO: omg i wish Uhura was on board Star Trek Geek??? thanks bro :clap: I was surprised no one thought of the song,, though it is not the best album,,there are a few lil gems on it
  8. Ma'am i ride an 06 GSXR 600,,,My First bike was a Yamaha YZF 600,,, the lil gsxr can rail around a turn,, I took it out on sunday,, I led a group ride on the back roads,, played on the twisties ,, i am sorry you went down,, We rode almost two hundred miles,, only the heat made me sick,, i had to peel outta my leathers but it was a great ride.. I may upgrade to a GSXR 750 in a few years,,
  9. I'm surprised by your hatred of superhero flicks especially since (imho) Star Trek, Star Wars, and LotR are in the same ballpark as those superhero flicks...BUT you liked the Bat flicks. Having said that, half of those other superhero movies you mentioned were not good I guess I prefer Story over action,,I was the only person in my group of friends who wanted to see Great Gatsby instead of Iron Man lol,, i do not hate the whole comic genre,, I love the Walking Dead tv series and THE CROW
  10. I love NCIS, Deadliest Catch, Californication Crotch Rockets Star Trek I enjoyed revenge of the Sith The Lord OF the Rings was a great story way before the movies Barnes and noble bookstore can be a fun Date Pride for my whole country,, (not just Texas) I love the 4th of JULY I love Board shorts and water skis I love American muscle cars,, I don't care if ur MINI, Mazda Miata , or VW BUG can corner better,,, Old Rockers are still better then a ton of the kids today I love baseball,, (exept the Angels) oldies music, Jazz GOD ( but read below) CNN I hate Superhero movies, IRON MAN, SPIDER MAN, SUPER MAN, HULK, Avengers,, fantastic four, THOR,, yuk, I just dont understand the want to waste money on these,, IMAX 3D ugh (However the Batman series was great) While we are at it,, could Chris Brown get lost please, Stop ripping off JAson Derullo No,, i got high one time my entire life,, no i don't think it is cool,, if u need it for meds fine,, but I don't want to light up with you,, now pass me a beer and give me some chicken wings Yes i will teach my kid to be a snitch,, that is if he or she is bullied,, he or she will tell a teacher, the whole "Snitch" culture bothers me,, well the other alternative would be to let my kid kick the bullies a$$ and let me deal with school system,, Shock Jocks,,wow,, Howard Stern did that in 1989 No i will not pray with you and block abortion clinics,, Gays and lesbians have the right to be together,,,this does not make me a bad Christian,every morning when i look in the mirror i realize i am no better then anyone else and i have my own life to deal with ,,, and i don't have the right not make others miserable ATTN FOX NEWS AND MSNBC,, go off the air please lol this was fun,, its time for bed
  11. i cannot wait for the next gnr album,, yeah he is old,, big deal,,, I would love to see him live,,
  12. And this is mine: http://www.positivebrand.net/reviews/images/ghostrider.jpg Interestingly, your bike & riding gear look like they could be out of the rebooted Star Trek films....I'm picturing Kirk on a joy ride. As for your Next Generation outfit, it's simple yet spot on. You could be one of those extra ensigns (ensign Dryan) beaming down to the planet with Riker and Worf. But don't do that because you'll likely get killed. Those guys often do. Get a cushy job in the transporter room with O'Brien or in engineering with that Cyclops-looking dude whose name I somehow can't remember right now Well i will take it as a compliment,, sometimes i hear the BLue Power Ranger ,, so the reboot Trek is fine with me,, as for Next Generation suit,, Well i just felt empowered that day in my Spandex :sundog:
  13. And this is mine: http://www.positivebrand.net/reviews/images/ghostrider.jpg And here's mine! http://extras.mnginteractive.com/live/media/site28/2013/0504/20130504_125402_04epduck1_500.jpg http://th07.deviantart.net/fs70/150/f/2013/069/a/4/ghost_rider_duck_by_sicksikmans-d5xm8aq.jpg Nice goldwing
  14. And this is mine: http://www.positivebrand.net/reviews/images/ghostrider.jpg
  15. WOW this is a Joke, RUSH, Pearl Jam, The Chili Peppers
  16. HA Ha,, had to get the phone picture Close up in
  17. Nice Ride Alsgalpal ,, this is mine
  18. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! That is f***ing AWESOME!!!! :haz: Thank you thank you,, i Am a Trekkie
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