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  1. mustard is okay, i only really like it on hot dogs and some select sandwiches. it's not something i think is appropriate for a majority of dishes, but when it's good it's good.
  2. hmm.. i'm wondering.. wow, imagine how many of those 8 billion people are fans of the hit band "The Call"?
  3. yeah but the fediverse in general has also been a popular escape route for right wingers, a lot of fediverse instances are created with extremist niches in mind. one of the most active ones in existence is "spinsters", for TERFs all of the fediverse pretty inactive (when compared to twitter) and overpopulated by techies though, so it never manages to catch on
  4. keep on noticing more board features we've lost with the update :(
  5. one thing i assume about yacht rock is that it kind of sucks but there's no way for me to tell for sure
  6. is that some sort of yacht rock reference? because i really wouldn't know...
  7. i’ve been listening to a lot of 90s hit radio lately
  8. there's few things that i wouldn't give to dream a young man's dream again
  9. a lot of my family will day drink, and pretty heavily at that lol
  10. if you ever want a little challenge, try to name 10 bands you like better than The Call
  11. best version of Sleepless on that one, i love listening to their 80's stuff the most often even though i would consider their 90's work my favorite
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