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  1. Cast Away ...Wilson! ...I'm Sorry!!!
  2. ?? Do you remember the show Airplane? One of the pilots curbed his job stress by abusing foreign substances. Lloyd Bridges was the actor. Sawdust particulate isn't particularly healthy or funny to some ... sorry for that. I prefer scotch. That was just a bad/dusty day at the shop.
  3. Polar bears are cute but dangerous, rats are the epitome of evil. 4/20 is a lark. When you talk about circles like that ... it reminds me of the chuckwagon scene from Blazing Saddles. Sorry for the disruption of service ... see: Look what they done to my thread, ma ... by Melanie A buddy was telling me the other day that a polar bear was spotted in the maritimes of Canada. That's all I got except that I was named after Pope Gregory I
  4. picking a bad day to quit snorting sawdust
  5. C'mon man Frankincense substitute
  6. Happy whatever ... I hope that quality family time is plentiful for all TRFers today.
  7. Spring fever is like moldy cheese.
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