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    Most of the reviews Ive seen on this were pretty much 'meh', but wifey likes to watch films where girls kick the crap out of guys so we went. Story was pretty pedestrian but engaging with a couple garden variety twists. Some pretty good action scenes. I thought it was worth a trip to the cineplex. My son kept nudging me to stay and see Inception again. For you pervs out there, not much to drool at in this one . she's pretty much dressed head to toe the whole movie. excpet for the first couple minutes while she gets tortured in her underwear. not sexy
  2. Alex is my fav because I think he's usually underated, and largely over-shadowed. I was in a Sam Ash the other day and R30 was playing on the house TV's. Young hippie dude selling guitars nods up to the TV and says "most underated guitar player of all time" I couldn't agree more. Neil is the most talented. Revolutionary. No one was doing the stuff he did at the time he did. Going back through the catalog, you have to realize the songs are not the same without his incredible drum arrangements. Truly. Truly visionary. He was blessed by God with unnatural talent to write and play
  3. QUOTE (Sussossus @ Jul 23 2010, 03:12 PM) QUOTE (priest_of_syrinx @ Jul 23 2010, 10:25 AM) part of me wanted Geddy to start yelling things like "Uhhh!" and "MOTHAFUCKA!!!!!" or "COME AWN!!!" Hahaha, you know how awesome that would be! I'm sure no one else agrees, but I think it would be very fresh, not to mention funny. It's just good to know when these guys are still enjoying themselves, especially when they've been around so long. And if this happened, you'd KNOW Geddy at least was having fun! Bring that Shit in!
  4. QUOTE (Sussossus @ Jul 23 2010, 01:01 AM) QUOTE (rushgoober @ Jul 22 2010, 10:32 PM) Far Cry - yes, absolutely a classic Caravan - I feel just the opposite.
  5. Music in Europe sounds the same today as it did in 1986
  6. You know you have a problem when... You try to work RUSH lyrics and references into your everyday conversations with strangers to see if they "are in". Your ring tone is the intro to xanadu you have to switch windows every time your wife walks into the room so she won't see you're on TRF "AGAIN!" you give a free CD to all your son's friends when they come to the house, especially the ones who are musicians. you never go to the Music of the Spheres thread on TRF because lately, you just haven't been listening to anything BUT RUSH.
  7. After warning him about his eventual loss of brain function,a friend once told me about the benefits of his partying habits... It's like the lion and gazelle. What? The lion and gazzelle? Yep. You know how the lion stalks the weak, infirm, old or young? the easiest prey? It's like that with brain cells. The achohol and drugs i take kill the weakest brain cells so in fact, I am getting smarter with every drink.
  8. QUOTE (Some Half-Forgotten Stranger @ Jul 22 2010, 08:14 PM) I'm still anxiously awaiting the triumphant return of gramophones. good point! I can tell the difference between vinyl and CD 80% of the time too. the variable is the quality of the vinyl recording (usually). We used to do blind tests for all kinds of crap like this all the time!
  9. unusual; nice back, looks great in a backless gown or LBD.tan muscular calves and thighs, flexing under her LBD long neck, great for spending time on. smart, short skirt and a long jacket. usual beautiful blue eyes. natural boobies only. a butt to die for Oh look, here she is... http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f206/jencv777/JenniferAniston4.jpg
  10. QUOTE (Pags @ Jul 22 2010, 06:58 AM) I'd bet you anything you'd want to wager that if you were put through a 'listen' test you wouldn't be able to identify a CD from a Lossless file, or from a 320Kbps MP3 file. Dude, I will take that bet in a heart beat! Just because your hearing is shot doesn't mean mine is. But I'll bet yours is better than you think. I can't tell you how many people came into my show room and said, I don't need anything fancy because I can't hear the difference anyway. The I'd play an ipod vs a CD and blow them away. Just regular Joe's can hear it. You can too. I can spot in a New York second.
  11. Rodney Holmes is one of my favorites now But Neil is the real genius behind RUSH.
  12. QUOTE (JohnnyBlaze @ Jul 21 2010, 07:02 AM) You should read my posts more carefully before you rip me my apologies. I read it as "i ignore popular movies".
  13. Hate family guy. Stupidest, basest show ever.
  14. I'll bet there's been a bunch rants backstage at the friggin engineer or guitar tech who keeps wrecking Alex's mojo. Better get this shit fixed and fast!
  15. ah, so you just want to be a rebel? Doesn't matter if it's good film, you won't go see it because it's popular. Brilliant! Nothing like keeping an open mind!
  16. QUOTE (JohnnyBlaze @ Jul 20 2010, 06:46 AM) I just didn't get the boner that nearly everyone else seems to have acquired for it. well some of us only get to see movies like Toy Story and The Proposal from time to time so anything remotely exciting is a great film. Really I watch a lot of movies and haven't seen anything this good since The Dark Knight. That was two years ago. Before that, uh, LOTR?
  17. keep checking TM up to the morning of the show. I hear that can be quite fruitful.
  18. QUOTE (moedrabowsky @ Jul 20 2010, 07:57 PM) I dig the bass on The Analog Kid.
  19. Look, I'm sure on some other band's boards, somebody is griping that when band "xyz" plays they never stick to the original material and screw up the songs by playing new arrangements or by "stretching out" too much. I mean really? WTF is the big deal? They write music, and play what they wrote because that's why we like them. WTF is the BFD?
  20. It's worthwhile to note that RUSH's shows are very tightly scripted with synchronized and preprogrammed lighting and film elements.
  21. QUOTE (metallithrax @ Jul 19 2010, 03:32 PM) One of me and a couple of friends on holiday from around 1989. http://www.metallithrax.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/1279571377.jpg And a more recent one - from a few years ago on the Ramada Express train at Laughlin. http://www.metallithrax.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/1244842368.JPG you guys look like trouble I see three guys like that and this comes to mind
  22. QUOTE (fledgehog @ Jul 19 2010, 12:51 PM) I have v-moda in-ear buds that are way better than the garbage that comes with new ipods, and i have a 5.1 Logitech digital speaker system hooked up to my computer, both of which do their job just fine. Try the Etymotic ER-4S in-ear headphones. Awesome! bass response in incredible and outside noise reduction is like 30 db.
  23. QUOTE (RUSHHEAD666 @ Jul 19 2010, 05:03 PM) I will never listen to an iPod. I will never download. I'm a cd dinosaur. When I go on a flight I still bring my Sony Walkman cd player and my cds. Old school rules. Modern compression crap with no artwork and liner notes BLOWS! Hey man. Don't totally slam ipods. I'm a 2 channel high end guy myself and listen to mainly cd's at home, when I listen. But the ipod is very convenient for use in the car and at the gym. Not that I go often enough! Also, the appletv is an AWESOME device that is worth 10 times the $230 price tag. Audio quality is good enough for distributed music in the home, (patio, bedrooms etc) and you can control it with your iphone. It rocks! It lets you listen to music and watch family photos in a super slick OSD.
  24. QUOTE (the masked drummer @ Jul 19 2010, 11:01 AM) surrounds? mac they didn't have surround then. It's a 1985 stereo. And it only has maybe 100 hours on it, so it's fine. I don't mean 'surrounds' as in rear channel speakers! I mean surrounds as in the material on the outer edge of the cones of the larger drivers/woofers. The material they used back then is prone to deterioration regardless of frequency of use. Just a warning. That rig will absolutely SLAM! I'm curious what preamp and amp you've got with it too! If I were you I'd be hauling a trailer up there this weekend!
  25. That would be a barracuda! trash fish. don't eat them. We caught about 20 dolphin all day. I got skunked which is a rarity, but on the way in I nailed this one on a weed line about a mile off shore. I wound up with big fish of the day and off the hook for buying drinks! Yay!
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