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  1. The story isn't about Neil Peart.
  2. I'm not debating something that is clearly a fact.
  3. 1. Caravan 1. BU2B 1. Clockwork Angels 1. The Anarchist 1. Carnies 1. Seven Cities of Gold 1. The Wreckers 1. Headlong Flight 1. Wish Them Well 1. The Garden 2. Halo Effect 3. BU2B2
  4. I love this song because it sounds like it's taken right off of Counterparts, especially that sick nasty guitar solo!
  5. You don't think he's got it live anymore, then BAM! ...he belts out the bridge of Freewill flawlessly. I never underestimate the great Geddy Lee.
  6. Can we just post something on the home page notifying everyone that we're all already very aware of this? Not trying to be mean, but this is really like the 18th thread about this. I literally facepalmed and sighed when I saw the title.
  7. I really liked this post, as I'm deeply involved with the story of CA. This is the first time in a while I've actually learned something from a forum post rather than just reading some bonehead's opinion on what they don't like! Very intriguing!
  8. How about we stop using the word 'shoehorning'. Really. So played.
  9. You're insane if you skip The Wreckers. Most powerful song besides The Garden IMO.
  10. You couldn't find one of the 100 ridiculous threads about this topic in your search? HOW?!
  11. Listened to it once this morning, then on the way to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Columbus (I love em, but they kinda sucked tonight). Then listened once more on the long drive back. My initial reaction was also a "wtf?" type thing, then the whole time I wasn't hearing it, I was subconsciously replaying all these riffs and melodies in my head. The most recent time I listened to it on the way back, it was KILLER. Every. Last. Second. Loving The Anarchist, Carnies, Seven Cities of Gold, The Wreckers, and The Garden.
  12. Wish Them Well turned out to be one of my favorite tunes, reminds me of CP mixed with VT mixed with T4E. Sounds classic Rush to my ears.
  13. I really do agree, I mentioned it in another thread and am glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!
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