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  1. Were all those in the general presale, or were any VIP? Also, did you get singles or doubles? I'm just a little jealous that my 1 in row 4 at MSG costs only about $100 less than all yours combined if you got non-VIP. All in the general presale PHL - 1 seat EWR - 1 seat NYC - 2 seats All bought within 15 min of going on sale.
  2. 21st row on the floor at NYC 11th row on the floor at Newark 7th row on the floor at PHL Another little trip from the UK sorted :dweez:
  3. I agree. I am amazed at how far some o you have traveled! Across continents and oceans. It says a lot about how great rush is that people will spend ten times the cost of a show to get to the show. Also tells me I need a better job. More rush... I will let you into my travel secret -get a job with an Airline - Free travel !
  4. I've done these trips so far to see Rush. London-Las Vegas 2008 London-Pittsburgh/Indianapolis 2012 London- Houston 2012 Will be doing London- Salt Lake City/Denver this coming July. Also seeing them actually in London next week, but thats only an hour from home !
  5. I am from the UK and have seen Rush and Marillion in the USA and Canada a few times, used the Will Call option a few times to pick up tickets and never had an issue with using a UK credit card or driving licence as ID.
  6. You're complaining about 3 Hours? I've gotta go 8 hours south or 8 hours east. I gotta fly London-Denver, and then drive to Salt Lake City and back to Denver again !
  7. Job done, Salt Lake and Denver, with a nice road trip inbetween, another trip from the UK to see the mighty :rush: :haz:
  8. Tickets on sale at Noon per Music Today, does anyone know what time zone that is ? Or more accuratly what time that will be in the UK ?
  9. Exactly , I want to travel from the UK to the USA for this leg , but need time to arrange it all and flight , hotel and general arrangements
  10. Need these dates ASAP, need to get time booked off at work before they announce some training stuff that will be happening around June/July and they block all vacation. May already have to give up London and Birmingham tickets due to work
  11. So who is the hot chick at 0:50 into the intro, the one doing her nails, Not too clear in this vid unfortunatly, but she got a cheer each night I saw the show !
  12. Seconded, need these please
  13. Was worth coming from England to see the show. Killer set list , great atmosphere Thankyou Indiana,thankyou Rush
  14. Damn good set list in Indy , there are a lot of young people at these Rush gigs who would never have heard all the 80s stuff they are playing , or new fans like me who have never heard it before either , much rather they played this set than just playing the standards they always play, well done Rush well done indeed
  15. Last night in Pittsburgh was awesome , I have only seen Rush since the Snakes and Arrows tour so most of the set was new to me live , the set list was fantastic I couldn't believe we got so much from the 80s , great show great set , roll on Indianapolis
  16. Crap presale, got nothing on the floor for London or Birmingham in half an hour of trying from 09:00, had to settle for side seats.
  17. I spent twenty frantic sweaty minutes getting a ticket for Chicago the moment they went on sale, coming from the UK for the gig so wanted the best seat possible that I could afford, I ended up grabbing a reasonable seat half way back. I just went on Ticketmaster for a browse out of curiosity to find that I could have got a better seat nearer the stage and cheaper as well if I had waited like 10 days or whatever it is now after that presale opened. Go figure.
  18. For Rush I am coming from the UK in September for Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Chicago. For Marillion I am coming from the UK to the USA in June for 9 of their shows , Boston, Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, 2xChicago, 2x Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  19. Got 12th row for Pitsburgh, had to refresh the screen a ton of times to get it though.
  20. I got a ticket in row 3 of block 122 for Chicago which is an ok Seat on the side Took me 20 min of refreshing to get that, kept saying that one ticket was not Available on the floor please try again, coming from The uk for this gig , had hoped for nearer seats on the floor but lost my nerve in the End and bought the side ticket.
  21. Excellent, will be coming from the UK for Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Chicago
  22. I'll be crossing the pond to see the shows in Boston, Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, 2 x Chicago, 2 x Los Angeles, and San Francisco
  23. The 1st time i saw Rush was at Wembley in 2007 just after i had discovered them, we got tickets very late and were right at the back, the last people in the Arena, the sound there was the worst i have ever had at a concert and i have been to Wembley dozens of times, so i have had the best and worst sound at concerts both times with Rush
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