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    Time Machine, O2 London, 25/05/2011
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    Too many to name
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    Permanent Waves
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    Discovering Rush in the first place. Suggested to me by a drummer friend and as they had just released A Show Of Hands, I had a huge back catalog to get hold of.
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    Dream Theater, Marillion, Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull......
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  1. Hi all, As with all of us, this is a personal opinion, but I think the setlist is great. For a band with almost 40 years of material behind them, it gets more difficult to please everyone. And with a stonker of an album like Clockwork Angels, of which they're gonna play quite a bit, it leaves even less room for the rest of the back catalog. I do understand that if this is the first Rush gig someone attends then they may wonder where certain other songs are, but the boys are not going to roll out an R30 type setlist every tour (infact R30 was a bit of a treat in that respect). To be fair, if you attended a gig on the HYF tour, you also were probably wondering where some of the classics were. Anyway, looking forward to it next year. LONDON BABY!!!
  2. To be fair, just looking forward to them playing again Would be gutted if they changed anything for Europe. Have been lucky so far, what they changed on the S&A tour worked in my favour. So happy to hear Entre Nous as opposed to Ghost Of A Chance. Glad that they kept the Time Machine set together as loved Time Stand Still and Presto. We'll see what happens this time. Understand peoples comments about too many S&A songs on that tour, but (personal opinion) CA is sooooo much better (not been this happy about a Rush album for a while) so would quite happily listen to the whole thing live, would be fantastic!! Agreed, certain songs are a given (it wouldn't be a Rush gig without them) but the songs we always argue about whether they should be in could be limited, that way we all get our wish Regardless, and to agree with many others, its Rush, good times..... p.s If 2112 is in, I always prefer if the add Grand Finale to Overture and Temples. Just finishes it of nicely for me
  3. I would love to hear Prelude and, never say never, but I don't think they'll do it I have half a feeling thats what killed Geddys voice on the Counterparts tour. He had a tough job hitting the notes and I don't think its been the same since. Could maybe tune down for it, however some things work, some don't. 2112 was/is brilliant, however I don't think Circumstances worked. Would love to hear: Cut To The Chase Cinderella Man Farewell To Kings Jacobs Ladder Available Light
  4. hippy

    Presto Vinyl ?

    I have Rush to Counterparts on vinyl (including live albums and Archives) but would love to get anything else that came out on vinyl.....
  5. Well, having started this thread on Wednesday as a "Hey, I'm gonna see Rush tonight in London, yay!!" type thing, its been interesting (almost scary) to see how its developed Seen a lot of different opinions on a whole range of stuff, but we're all different and have different opinions, not necessarily right or wrong, but I guess thats what makes the world fun So, for what its worth (and I'm not out to offend anyone or anything like that - I'm just not that kind of person) here's my take on it..... I've never been to the O2 before, what a stunning sight. The fact they've actually built a complete arena in what is basically a big tent is amazing. What a cool place (shops, bars, etc.) But, once I stuck my head in the arena I knew what kind of sound we'd get. To be fair, I had expected that and was under no illusions. Wembley is a big shed, the O2 is a big bowl. Far too much concrete to ever get a good sound. But I've come to accept that with a band such as Rush, playing the size of venue they need to meet demand, we're always gonna be stuck with that (unless the festival dates materialize - here's hoping). I don't come to a gig like that expecting crystal clear sound and in a multi-purpose, host everything, enormo-dome like that, unless they give everyone head/earphones it ain't gonna happen (didn't Yes have "Concert-sonics" back in 1994 which was something very similar) . I know a couple of people have mentioned the comparison with the Roger Waters show a couple of weeks earlier. From my point of view, the dynamics of the music involved are completely different. Love The Wall as I do, its so much more subtle that a Rush set. I can imaging that hearing every detail of "Goodbye Cruel World" would have been special. As a PF fan as well I'm also aware that it can get a bit raucous at times, but not in the same league as Rush. Then again, I saw adverts for Iron Maiden in August at the O2. Would there be any point in going? That really is gonna be a wall of noise. It would be nice to return to the "classic" venues like Hammersmith, its just not possible. I guess its our fault for making them so popular However, I thought the sound was pretty good considering the venue. I commented to my friend how clear Neils high toms were. Also, unless the bass drum is actually trying to push your heart through your back, it just ain't a proper "big" gig I do love any gig where the drums kick in on the first number and it just literally makes you step back. Everything else was cool. I to noticed a few changes in balance as we went through the night, but thats to be expected (and I thought soundmen just turned up and switched it all on ) On the standing/sitting/rocking out points, its horses for courses and respect for all your fellow concert go-ers. I sat for the evening (and before anyone asks, I wasn't in block 101). The reason, I'm 6' 4'' and about 17 stone (thats about 240 pounds for our friends across the pond). I make a good sight screen. As we approached kick off I looked around to see who was behind me. There was an older couple (to be honest, older than I expected to see at a Rush gig, but credit to them) and there was no way they were getting up. So I sat. No problems from me, I can rock out in my seat (am surprised the seat was still attached given my dimensions and the rocking I did). There was a guy across from me who was sat down air drumming all night (although to be fair he may have thought he was actually sitting on Neils drum stool). On the R30 tour @ Wembley, I stood. Was worried at first as I turned round and there was a 12 year old with his Dad so I thought that was it. But the kid got on his seat. He could see past me, the people behind him could see past him, all was good. I do sort of understand the perspective that you've paid your money, you should be able to enjoy it how you want to, but at the expense of other peoples enjoyment? I don't believe thats how its works. I know some people had to put up with to**ers who were only concerned about how they themselves were enjoying it. That is wrong. I've seen people thrown out of gigs for "enjoying" themselves a bit too much and spoiling it for everyone else. One big caveat is that if someone is being obviously annoying about behavior that so isn't upsetting anyone else, that that is a different matter. I'm sure there must be a nasty special place for people like that. As many people have said, it is a rock concert for goodness sake. As for the prices, yeah its expensive but isn't everything going up these days (don't get me started on fuel !!!). To me, its a treat. I don't get to see many gigs and the opportunity to see my favorite band can't be missed. Plus, I got a t-shirt, tour book and I even bought the Caravan/BU2B cd (even though I downloaded the tracks, its actually nice to have a physical copy). People go on holiday and as its a special occasion, they treat themselves to something they wouldn't normally buy. I'm sure some people in the world blow a lot more money on some absolutely stupid things, worse that a t-shirt and tour book. So call me a mug, but this was my special occasion and these were gifts to myself (please don't tell the wife ). I was happy with the set list as well. I was one of the guys who posted that he was glad they didn't change it for this leg. I wanted to hear Presto, Time Stand Still and hey, even Faithless (the more different songs I get to hear Rush play the better). The only one I had the slightest reservations about before the show was Stick It Out. But my word (I sound very British there) it blew me away, almost literally. My trousers were flaping on some chords/notes. Wow!! So to draw my ramble to a close, I had a great night, and I'll do it again if/when they come back. I think it depends on each persons expectations, as said everyone is different (see opening comments). I knew it was expensive (and I had a cheaper ticket than the guys/gals on the floor at the front) and that the merchandise was gonna be a bit steep (but as said this was my treat). I knew the setlist and was so looking forward to it and I knew that in an arena that size the sound wasn't gonna be perfect. Fantastic night!! Gutted for those that had a rough time, pleased for those who enjoyed it like me. London baby, yeah !!!!
  6. Hey, as much as I'd like to say I've been seeing them since '83 (and possibly earlier), I didn't get in to Rush until '89, just AFTER Show Of Hands had been released However since then, I've been able to catch them every time they've been over and that continues tonight !!!!! Can't wait, really looking forward to this one
  7. hippy

    Rush on BBC1 (UK)

    First off, apologies, it should have been BBC (Radio) 1. I guess in my amazment I forgot the "Radio" bit. However, the fact remains, on Radio 1 ?!?!?! Thats what the kids listen to (showing my age now). Planet Rock used to play a bit of Rush every now and then, but in this day and age, I never expected anything to crop up on Radio 1.
  8. hippy

    Rush on BBC1 (UK)

    Here's a thing...... (and this was actually picked up by my wife, 14 years of marriage have finally paid off!!!) Tom Sawyer was played on BBC1 tonight !!! Zane Lowe's Thursday Soundclash - about 01:08:20 in to the session. URL is: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b010wwxl (please don't blame me if it doesn't work) There is a lot of "Slap-a-da-bass" afterwards as well
  9. Hey, this is great!. I know its only about 4 bars of 7/8, but still, its all Rush. Looking forward to London on the 25th May
  10. To me this is good news. Being from "old blighty" I'm so looking forward to the tour coming over here. I think the setlist is great (even Faithless) and would be gutted if they left out anything from last year. An example was on the Snakes and Arrows tour. Happily they played Entre Nous when then came to the UK, but dropped it the following year for Ghost Of A Chance. Don't get me wrong, I like GOAC but would rather have heard EN. Likewise, I'd be gutted if I missed out on Presto, etc.
  11. Doh! I was never that good on a keyboard. (preferring guitar and bass.....)
  12. OK, given the date yesterday (UK date format), anyone else listed to 2112 ? Its kind of become a tradition
  13. I'm leaning towards this being a new bass. Perhaps his "old faithful" was almost completely worn out and such he decided to retire it before it was too late. It certainly wouldn't be the first time I've heard of an instrument being retired. In fact, perhaps the last journey "old faithful" made was to the Fender Custom Shop. They could have taken a complete scan of his bass and produced like for like replica in minute detail. Can't see him swapping the neck again and the scratch plate. I also agree with many on this post, it would be nice if he used a particular bass for a certain song. None of the songs from HYF, Presto, RTB, etc sound quite right on the Fender (love them as I do). Mission on the last tour and Time Stand Still on this tour just don't sound quite right without that punchy Wal sound. And we'd all like to see the Ric out for the older stuff.....
  14. hippy


    I have all from Rush - Counterparts (including live albums and archives) but then didn't see vinyl releases after that. Would love to get the rest from T4E through to Snakes (if they exist). Has anyone ever seen Different Stages on vinyl?
  15. I agree with earlier posts, this tour could include anything (including new songs, and being from the eastern site of the Alantic I'm hoping that the Time Machine tour is a "warm up" for a full tour, including the UK). I would love to hear many songs (I've posted about stuff from A Farewell To Kings I'd love to hear) but from VT I'd love to hear Sweet Miracle. I love that song.....
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