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  1. How is Killers worse than Virtual XI???????? Never a big fan of both but Drifter is by far the worst song they've ever done imho (except the blues inspired solo in the middle) and the rest of Killers is just average for me, except for Purgatory and Wrathchild so here it is
  2. Fates Warning: 1. A Pleasant Shade of Gray 2. Perfect Symmetry 3. Theories of Flight 4. The Spectre Within 5. Parallels 6. No Exit 7. Disconnected 8. Night on Bröcken 9. Inside Out 10. Darkness in a different light 11. Awaken the Guardian 12. FWX
  3. Iron Maiden: 1. Seventh son of a Seventh Son 2. Piece of Mind 3. Somewhere in Time 4. Powerslave 5. The Number of the Beast 6. A Matter of Life and Death 7. Brave New World 8. Book of Souls 9. The X Factor 10. Dance of Death 11. Iron Maiden 12. No Prayer for the Dying 13. Fear of the Dark 14. The Final Frontier 15. Virtual XI 16. Killers
  4. I had a Rush exclusive week-end, listened to almost all of their albums, starting with Hemispheres (one of my very favorites), then Grace Under Pressure (specially because of the lyrics of Afterimage) and finished the week-end watching the R40 Bluray.
  5. I'm really shocked and devastated. I attended a symphony concert last night that was an hommage to the music of Ennio Morricone and I wondered if he was still alive and I checked and noted that yeah still alive and almost 92 years old and I was like "wahouuh what a long life he has been enjoying, this is great" And then I came back home and just before going to sleep I checked the news and I read...this and...well I'm speechless. Music is a huge part of my life and Rush has been, with Iron Maiden, my very favorite band, a true inspiration and Neil's lyrics had a huge influence on me so it's hard to believe that one of my heroes is no longer with us My thoughts are with his family, his friends, Geddy and Alex Rest in Peace Professor. Suddenly, you were gone From all the lives you left your mark upon
  6. Working Man Anthem Bastille Day 2112 Xanadu Hemispheres Natural Science Red Barchetta Subdivisions Red Sector A Marathon Time Stand Still The Pass Bravado Everyday Glory Test for Echo Vapor Trail Far Cry The Garden
  7. I've been reading Wandering the Face of the Earth (great, great book btw!!) and although they state that there was no evidence of any part of The Fountain of Lamneth ever being performed live and that crew recollections support that it wasn't, the review of the show of November 4 1975 by UTE News has this info that makes me wonder that after all it might have been played! Here is the quote of the UTE News in the book that got me thinking about it: "Several of the tunes perfomed Tuesday dragged and plodded semi-melodically while vocalist Lee tried to keep up, screaming lyrics like: Panacea-passion pure/I can't resist your gentle lure..." I can't think of any reason why the author would have invented this passage! Well, in the end the whole story of this song being or not being played live will probably remain a mystery but I found this information quite interesting
  8. A Matter of Life and Death: With the exception of Different World, a top notch album, The Legacy is one of their best album closer and one of the best Janick has ever written Brave New World: The Wicker Man, Ghost of the Navigator, Brave New World, Blood Brothers are imo pure Maiden classics. Fallen Angel is an hidden gem along with The Thin Line Between Love and Hate (love the chorus on this one) Book of Souls: at first I was a little bit afraid of that 18 minutes thing but now I love it even if I think the title track is even better. Along with these two monsters, some great songs as well, If Eternity Should Fail, Tears of a Clown, The Great Unknown Dance of Death: A strange album because it's got two of my very favorites songs of the 00's (the title track and Paschendale), one of their best short-rockers as well (Rainmaker) but also some evident filler (Gates of Tomorrow, New Frontier, Age of Innocence) The Final Frontier: I can't say it's a bad album because Maiden have done far worse, specially in the 90's but still its just a good album without any song that really stands out. Not bad, not great, just good...but with Maiden, good isn't enough! Well, maybe Isle of Avalon being an exception
  9. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, Firth of Fifth or The Musical Box...Watcher of the Skies is great as well (well I'm a huge Genesis (PG era only) fan so...)
  10. Get well soon Bruce! Take the time you need to fully recover. As a huge fan, I still prefer to wait the time it will take to listen to another album and see you - in great health - on tour
  11. It was my very first hard rock album so it always will be kinda special...even if nowadays it's not my kind of music anymore. But still it's always fun to listen to some of the songs (Welcome, Rocket Queen, Sweet Child), brings back some good memories!
  12. Great ones: Cut to the chase Animate Nobody's hero Leave that thing alone Good ones: Cold fire Double Agent Everyday glory Stick it out Alien shore ..the rest: Between sun and moon The speed of love
  13. Anthem closely followed by By-Tor and Fly by night
  14. I can't compare CA to MP but still CA is a very good album with some great songs as well (The Garden, Headlong Flight). And let's not forget its an album made by a band that's been around for 40 years, so with that in mind, I think the album is really great. How many bands do the same? Most of the groups this age just keep on releasing best-of(s), greatest hits and when touring they keep on playing the same old setlists with the same "hits".
  15. Synchronicity closely followed by Ghost in the Machine
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