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  1. It's funny...I used to be that way for a very long time. I felt I needed to have EVERYTHING that Rush released. For example...when S&A was released, I had already pre-ordered the MVI and Vinyl versions of S&A on Backstage Club. I then went to the music store on release day and bought a copy of the album anyways. Then, to top it off...I was in Europe that summer and came across S&A, only they had it in the hard plastic case (rather than the crappy cardboard case), so I bought it JUST for the case. LOL So...that's four different versions of S&A...mainly "just because". In recent years...I've cooled off with buying so much. There came a point when I had to start using logic and watching my spending more.
  2. True...but there are likely more long-term fans that have been around for years than new ones. It all depends on who you want to cater to. Rush is known for their overly dedicated, hardcore, and loyal fanbase...which I am sure make up most of their sales.
  3. I know what you're saying...but in the end, the OP is still right to state that. I'm pretty sure the band and their management are well aware of what their fanbase is like, and that most fans already own all of the DVD's in the package. They should've released it as the whole boxset, and also as individual releases (the '97 show and the re-mixed Rio). That way, fans have the choice on what money to drop. It's possible that down the line, they may still do this. If I recall correctly, years ago they had released Replay x3 with ESL, P/G, and ASOH as a set...but then down the line, they released each of those concerts separately as well. Who knows...
  4. I always enjoy that video. Best line...Geddy telling Alex: "Don't kill Pratt...it's bad for business!". :D
  5. For me...Presto is precisely "middle ground" for me. Some real gems...specifically Show Don't Tell, Chain Lightning, Scars, Presto, Red Tide, and Available Light. My issue is more with the production / sound...it is just so..."weak"?! It feels too thin, and feels like it lacks the punch of an album like Counterparts or Power Windows. It upsets me, as I think it could've really made these songs sound that much more powerful and special. Regardless, I still think it's a great album with plenty to really love...thin sound or not.
  6. Everybody pretty much said it already...Neil is simply more of an introvert. That is not a bad thing whatsoever, as many people on this earth are. I think fans mistake him being an introvert as "rude" or "snobby"...simply because he doesn't just make friends or talk with random strangers on the street. The bottom line is...I'm sure if you're a friend of Neil's...as both Geddy and Alex clearly are...they see a side of him that most of us in the public don't. I'm sure his wit and humour comes out in spades when the three are together. At the end of the day...we are all lucky as Rush fans that these three share the common bond they seemingly do. To have a band perform together for over 40 years, at such a high level, is incredible and essentially unheard of.
  7. I voted for the "Longs" album...The Way We Walk. It is solely on the back of one song...my favourite Genesis song...Home By The Sea(s). To me, this version is arguably better than the studio version. It's one of my favourite live performances, and for that reason, I decided to choose this album. (I'll likely be the only one. lol)
  8. Amazing album obviously...all great songs throughout. But is there really a question about Number 1?? 1. Xanadu 2. A Farewell To Kings 3. Madrigal 4. Cinderella Man 5. Cygnus X-1 6. Closer To The Heart
  9. Well...yeah...difficult to rank perfection... 1. YYZ 2. Limelight 3. Witch Hunt 4. Tom Sawyer 5. Vital Signs 6. Red Barchetta 7. The Camera Eye
  10. Phenomenal album start-to-finish (obviously). I'd consider most interchangeable on any given day...though the bottom three are pretty locked in (though all still good!). 1. The Analog Kid 2. Subdivisions 3. Chemistry 4. The Weapon 5. Losing It 6. Digital Man 7. Countdown 8. New World Man
  11. Holy crap...this was a hard album to rank. Love them all...and many equally. 1. The Enemy Within 2. Between The Wheels 3. Distant Early Warning 4. Afterimage 5. Red Sector A 6. Kid Gloves 7. Red Lenses 8. The Body Electric
  12. I'm all about the epics on this album...! The Necromancer The Fountain of Lamneth Bastille Day I Think I'm Going Bald Lakeside Park
  13. Solid throughout. I imagine most people will have the same two songs taking up their "bottom two"...but I don't find either song "bad" per se...I just don't find myself going back to them often. 1. Open Secrets 2. Lock & Key 3. Prime Mover 4. Second Nature 5. Mission 6. Time Stand Still 7. Force Ten 8. Turn The Page 9. Tai Shan 10. High Water
  14. Obviously...top-notch start-to-finish. Another one of many albums where you feel stupid writing down a song in "last place". 1. Freewill 2. Natural Science 3. Different Strings 4. Entre Nous 5. The Spirit of Radio 6. Jacob's Ladder
  15. 1. Anthem 2. By-Tor & The Snowdog 3. Best I Can 4. Beneath, Between, and Behind 5. Fly By Night 6. Making Memories 7. In The End 8. Rivendell
  16. One of my absolute favourite albums...there isn't a flaw on this record as far as I'm concerned. 1. Territories 2. Marathon 3. Middletown Dreams 4. Emotion Detector 5. Grand Designs 6. Mystic Rhythms 7. Manhattan Project 8. The Big Money
  17. It came on my iPod again today...still sounds amazing to me. I can never understand the hate. If you really think about it...the lyrics aren't any more cheesy than the ones found on Cygnus X-1, Twilight Zone, I Think I'm Going Bald, By-Tor, etc. Would people respect Virtuality more if it were released in the 70's or 80's??
  18. I also want to mention...I was listening to "We Can't Dance" recently, and there is one song that stood out a lot... Dreaming While You Sleep Amazing song. This really is the gem of the album, and further proof that Collins could deliver. A captivating tune, in my opinion.
  19. Happy Halloween! http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t100/EmotionDetector/MickeyMouse_zpse2a881e0.jpg
  20. Went simple today... :) http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t100/EmotionDetector/MickeyMouse_zpse2a881e0.jpg
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