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  1. Don't get me wrong, there is potential there. The choruses are pretty good and Alex's solo is very good. And I do like the lyrics. But one problem for me with this song is in the execution. It's a Presto song, so right off the bat the production is going to bring it down and make it sound lifeless. The only three songs on this album that work for me sound-wise are Show Don't Tell, The Pass and Presto. For me, Available Light suffers greatly. The other problem, and for me it's the big one, is the verses. I don't like the easy listening feel and I don't like the piano, not only the fact that it's piano but also how it sounds -- digital. I just doesn't work for me in a Rush song, no matter what the lyrics are saying. And that brings me to this -- song rankings like this are of course subjective, but some people will maybe not love the music in a song but will overlook it if the lyrics really speak to them, and others will deal with lyrics that are blah if the music moves them. I'm almost always in the latter group. When I get a new album I don't even think about the lyrics until I've absorbed the music. The only time lyrics stick out to me right away is if they're noticeably bad (like, say, Dog Years). Neil's lyrics are good here, but for me they're not enough to save this one.
  2. Another blah album closer for me. This isn't the "uptempo/low-intensity happy rocker" that closed out RTB thru S&A, but it's still blah. There's not enough warmth in the production to effectively convey the uplifting message, and the piano verses give me that Second Nature vibe that makes me think it's a Celine Dion song as opposed to Rush. This song is pure CD filler and I'd have ranked it lower.
  3. I'm old school, I have a home theater system in my living room and a CD player in my car, and when I'm doing serious music listening on those systems I want my music in a lossless format. Buying an album in mp3 or m4a format is a subpar option for someone who cares about sound quality. CDs aren't even the best option sound-wise but they're better than compressed files. I'd rather have the physical CD with the album art and liner notes but as long as I can get original wav or flac files I'm happy. Unfortunately finding CDs in big box stores is not much of an option nowadays, so we're forced to order online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, etc. And like stoopid said, getting them from the band's own websites is a good option when available.
  4. Got home just in time to see the last hole. Would have been nice to see Rickie finally break through in the last round of a major but Clark's win was nice to watch.
  5. Agree. This is another song I've heard only a couple of times, maybe one more time than Rivendell. Bottom 10 for sure.
  6. Yeah, those videos are good the first time they scan over the image, but when it goes back to the beginning spot and starts over again it can lose you. Still, this is a real nice little tribute to Neil.
  7. Released a month ago, just popped up in my YouTube feed.
  8. My opinion of Out Of The Cradle applies to this one as well. https://www.therushforum.com/index.php?/topic/115204-_hi_water_-ranks-all-173-rush-songs/&do=findComment&comment=5102193
  9. Agreed, once a day is great, it gives people more time to participate without having to do too much catching up if busy.
  10. Another post-synth era song that wants to be a rocker, but just comes across as corny.
  11. Neil's drumming is pretty good in that song. He went old-school Neil in that he treated each verse a little differently. But that alone does not save the song, so yeah, for me it's bottom four from S&A.
  12. I'm sure I'm in the minority, but this and Summertime Blues are my two faves from this album. I like what Alex did with his guitar parts, especially that little nod to The Byrds. I'd have this ranked way higher.
  13. As if the air supply in NYC was not bad enough, in blows Air Supply.
  14. I've heard this song only once in my life. Once. Meaning, I've listened to FBN all the way through only once. I know what kind of song it is but I couldn't hum a single bar. Ergo, I find this ranking acceptable. Why only "acceptable?" Because even though I've had only one listen, I can say with 100% confidence that it's a better song than "Second Nature" which has yet to appear on this list for some ungodly reason.
  15. While I agree with the others that this song is perhaps ranked too low -- it's certainly not a bad song -- I see it as yet another uptempo low-intensity happy-rocking album closer. The band was really into these starting with RTB's "You Bet Your Life" and continued all the way through S&A's "We Hold On." You Bet Your Life Everyday Glory Carve Away The Stone Out Of The Cradle We Hold On These tunes are not bad but they're kind of innocuous. For me, Out Of The Cradle is the best of these.
  16. This is a song I really want to like. There is a dissonant heaviness in the verses that works, but the vocals and the ever-present S&A "ooooh oooooohs" seem to clash with that heaviness. The pieces don't quite fit together. This is one where I wish Nick would have tried to push the boys to do a little rearranging.
  17. How dare you!!! We still haven't seen Second Nature on this list, which is a crime against all humanity and probably dolphins and whales too.
  18. Yep, pretty much. Neil started getting into "gimmicky" lyrics in the post-MP era, possibly starting with The Big Money. Phrases, alliteration, word games, etc., annoyingly repeated throughout the song. Maybe he thought just being clever with words would make for good song lyrics, but more often than not those songs fell flat. This is one of those songs, even though the "neurotica- exotica-hypnotica" stuff is limited to the choruses. (Big Money is one of the few good ones, IMO)
  19. I agreed with the ranking for Bravest Face (171), but TWTWB is the second-worst song from S&A? Worse than Good News First, The Larger Bowl and We Hold On? (I'm even tempted to add Faithless and Spindrift to those , but only tempted.)
  20. Lists such as this are largely subjective -- and you did name this list as YOUR rankings, so we're not allowed to tell you that you're wrong about this song or that song. But this song is pretty unique for Rush, with Alex's snarky chords and Geddy playing chords right along with him, and Neil actually grooving in the verses. So this is the first song on this list (so far) where I completely disagree with where it's placed, especially considering that we somehow haven't seen Second Nature yet.
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