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  1. Yes, that's fair. I mentioned Kenny G to illustrate the type of music both he and Sanborn play, more instrumental pop than traditional improvisational jazz.
  2. The Stars are running on all cylinders right now. All four lines are effective to the point where you can't really tell which line is on the ice, and the forwards and d-men are totally in sync. And they don't sit back in the 3rd when they have the lead, they keep pushing. It's impressive to watch.
  3. I always associated Sanborn with the soft jazz genre, though not as soft as Kenny G (eww). More pop jazz, maybe. Still, he had a long career playing the sax and he has my respect. RIP David.
  4. I can see the value of picking Flying High -- there are plenty of Van Halen songs that don't measure up to it -- but Unchained is a quintessential VH song. Eddie's guitar tone on that song (and on Fair Warning front to back) is flawless -- it's the best heavy guitar sound ever put to tape IMO.
  5. It's tough to vote against Eyes Without A Face , but the guitar parts in Rebel Yell are just too good.
  6. Unpinned, just an oversight. You get so used to seeing certain things in the spots where they've always been for almost 20 years you don't even think about them. Thanks for understanding.
  7. I just Googled him and came up with nothing. Which makes sense as he's a terrible writer. That review reads like a high school English class exercise, one that received a C-.
  8. Happy Together annoys me -- the lyrics, the chorus, the way the verses are sung, the whole song. BYG is not my favorite Van Morrison tune, but it's tough to vote against Van.
  9. Absolutely. If the Isles would have gotten past the Bolts a few years ago they would have met the Stars in the Final. Of course I'd pull for the Isles all the way, but that would have been fun.
  10. Play by play, or analyst? Their play guy is harmless enough, so I'm thinking you mean Daryl Reaugh, aka Razor, their color analyst. He's certainly unique with his offbeat humor and descriptive phrases, but he's super knowledgeable, and in my opinion he''s the best analyst in the game. And as for their goal song, custom made by hometown Pantera? Also the best in the game. I'm been to games at the AAC and it's a loud and fun place to see some hockey. Obviously you 100% disagree with all this.
  11. I like the Stars, they're a fun team to watch. Lots of goals off the rush. The Isles are due to beat the Canes in the playoffs at some point, not sure if it's this year, but we'll see. I'd say the Canes are the best team in the East.
  12. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed is my favorite Allmans tune, and it was written by Betts. RIP.
  13. I wanted you guys to win this one so Dallas could play the Kings in the first round, and you had the lead late. Instead, a careless delay of game penalty and 6 seconds of OT later and now it's the Stars playing Vegas.
  14. No he didn't, and those big moments in those two games were happening at the same time. Before the game he did say he'd pull the goalie if the game was tied late because the Flyers needed a regulation win.
  15. The Wings deserved a better fate after tying last night's game with 3 seconds left and winning it in the shootout. Those heroics were erased when the more-undeserving Caps went ahead on an empty net goal in a tie game. Lame.
  16. 50 years ago today, Henry Aaron -- baseball's all-time HR king -- hit his 715th homer to beat Babe Ruth's record. Well done, sir!
  17. Andraya Catrer showed in the pregame how Muhl defended in her last game, and she shadowed Clark in the exact same way tonight. You'd have to think the Iowa coaches knew it was coming, I don't know what gameplan they could have come up with to combat that. Muhl is just relentless on D. Give credit to the other Iowa players, they picked up the slack while Clark had Muhl all over her.
  18. Right, but the timing of the call seemed iffy to me, like if they didn't call it at that point in the game would Iowa have complained? Not sure.
  19. I hate that such a close game -- and such an important game -- was possibly affected by a borderline call in the last minute. It makes you wonder if the call was legit, and I hate that we have to wonder about such things when we have legalized sports betting and TV ratings lurking in the shadows.
  20. I did call it a bitty one. But even bitty ones are rare out here. And you can have White Castle, that stuff is gross. A sliver of grade D beef on a burger that's mostly bun. I can get slider buns anywhere. How are In N Out's prices these days? Here in the east Five Guys is up to $18+ for just a regular burger/small fries/drink.
  21. https://www.newsday.com/long-island/east-coast-earthquake-c15065
  22. "If you don't have your 3D glasses, you'll only see this song in one-half D!" RIP Joe.
  23. Watched the whole game last night. Angel Reese is as fierce a competitor as you have in hoops and she is fun to watch, but Clark is from another planet. And it's not just scoring threes from that other planet, it's her passing and vision too. Women's college hoops, especially when you get into the Elite Eight, is a far better watch than any NBA matchup.
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