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    First listening to the songs and then learning the drumset part.
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  1. Rush is not heavy metal. Although their early stuff is influnced by Led Zeppelin and Cream, those bands arent really heavy metal.
  2. My Mix would be : Subdivisions Finding My Way Limelight Xanadu (studio, and esl) The Spirit Of Radio Red Barchetta Lessons Force Ten Anthem Dreamline Show Dont Tell The Camera Eye Closer To The Heart (ESL) Mystic Rhythms Scars Stick It Out Animate The Analog Kid I know its kind of long, but Rush is sooo good it hard not to make a long mix. In my opinion, this is all of the good stuff to me. If I were to create a set list for a Rush tour, it would be something like this.
  3. 70s - Finding My Way 80s - Red Barchetta 90s - Dreamline 00s - Far Cry 10s - Caravan
  4. What are your thoughts on rush still performing live at this point in time?
  5. chasekratzer


    Xanadu, By tor and the snow dog, The Camera Eye, Cygnus X-1 both books...
  6. Rush says YY zed, I say YY Z
  7. omg I LOVE VH!!!!!! Im listening to 1984 right now (HOT FOR TEACHER)
  8. It depends on what version you listen to. Now, they do a reggae version and it's completely different. If you listen to all the worlds a stage, it still sounds the same, but he has his own style with that too.
  9. http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/forums/index.php/topic/132936-did-neil-peart-ever-march/
  10. It needs to be released in the 70s too. Permanent waves was jan 1 1980.
  11. Here's my list. This is going to seem obvisious and accurate: 1. Anthem 1. Closer to the heart 1. Xanadu 1. Fly by night 1. Bastille day 1. 2112 1. The twilight zone 1. Circumstances 1. The trees 1. Working man Get where I'm going?...
  12. Did neil peart ever perform with any drum lines and/or drum corps?
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