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  1. I haven't been here in 10 years, but this seems like the best place to share how I'm feeling. I discovered Rush just over 20 years ago, in middle school. My uncle gave me two mix tapes (yes, tapes) which I listened to endlessly. Their music inspired me, fed my soul, and sustained me through the usual trials of adolescence. I can't overstate the influence Rush had on me as a musician, and a person. I think I really identified with their image of slightly awkward, hard-working, book-smart individuals. Later, I also developed a passion for the Tragically Hip. Their music wasn't as harmonically or rhythmically powerful as Rush, but there was a similar strength in their lyrics and storytelling (maybe Gord Downie was the better storyteller, actually). I didn't identify with them personally, but because of the unique way Gord wrote about the history and geography of Canada, they were a core thread of my Canadian cultural fabric. Naturally, I'm blindsided by the news of Neil's death, and the nature of Neil's illness (which we now know was the same as Gord's). Right now, it's a totally different experience for me than processing Gord's illness and death. As other have pointed out, a terminally-ill person should be entitled to as much publicity or privacy as they want, and it makes total sense that Neil's illness was kept secret--it's entirely consistent with how he lived the rest of his life. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if, when he received the terrible diagnosis, he made a deliberate choice to not follow Gord's example of allowing his decline to be well-documented. I made a point of attending one of the Hip's final shows, in Toronto. It was one of the most moving concert experiences I've had. The energy of 20,000 people in a room, all celebrating and mourning their friend, together, was overwhelming. A few days later, I tuned in to the national TV broadcast of the final show on the tour, for a second round of grieving. What Gord did with his publicity, and what the Hip did with their tour, was give their fans time and space to process their shock and grief. I'll always be grateful for that. And while I totally understand where Neil and his family were coming from, it feels like an opportunity was missed. Gord Downie's fandom was mostly confined to Canada, but the reach of Neil Peart's influence was global. There are people all over the world who, like me, felt a personal connection to Neil's art, and the suddenness of this news makes me feel just as sad as the news itself.
  2. I'm still trying to forget all the scenes with the parents--they could've EASILY cut them all from the movie. The mother is especially irritating. I almost stood up and cheered when Soundwave appeared; the Doctor Claw voice gives me chills every time!
  3. What? Huh? The Last Windbreaker? Sounds fun.
  4. Sisko ought to be on this list. He started AND finished a war with the frickin' Dominion.
  5. Did anyone pry the gun from his hands? What do you think they'll do with it? (I watched Red Dawn< recently and that's the first thing that popped into my head upon hearing of Heston's death)
  6. QUOTE (Magnus @ Mar 30 2008, 03:15 PM) http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/monty_python.jpg So...no one has anything to say about this? Don't get me wrong, I'm as big a python-lover as the next gumby, but continuously quoting favourite lines defeats the purpose of Python. They often said themselves that they deliberately avoided using punchlines, and yet legions of fans have created punchlines on their own. I'm just saying, is all. Thanks to all who post video links--I'm all for watching and re-watching Python
  7. Brian gets whacked in the face with a military rifle at boot camp Stewie: Boy! That's gotta hurt more than a birthday telegram from Zinedine Zidane! cutaway to Zidane ringing an old lady's doorbell, holding a birthday cake. She opens the door and Zidane viciously headbutts her, and drops the cake on her face. Zidane: Bon anniversaire.
  8. http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/monty_python.jpg
  9. QUOTE (Rolinda Bonz @ Mar 22 2008, 10:12 AM) A father passing by his son's bedroom was astonished to see that his bed was nicely made and everything was picked up. Then he saw an envelope, propped up prominently on the pillow that was addressed to "Dad." With the worst premonition he opened the envelope with trembling hands and read the letter. Dear Dad: It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you. I had to elope with my new girlfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with mom and you. I have been finding real passion with Stacy and she is so nice. But I knew you would not approve of her because of all her piercing, tattoos, tight motorcycle clothes and the fact that she is much older than I am. But it's not only the passion...Dad she's pregnant. Stacy said that we will be very happy. She owns a trailer in the woods and has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. We share a dream of having many more children. Stacy has opened my eyes to the fact that marijuana doesn't really hurt anyone. We'll be growing it for ourselves and trading it with the other people that live nearby for cocaine and ecstasy. In the meantime we will pray that science will find a cure for AIDS so Stacy can get better. She deserves it. Don't worry Dad. I'm 15 and I know how to take care of myself. Someday I'm sure that we will be back to visit so that you can get to know your grandchildren. Love, Your Son John PS. Dad, none of the above is true. I'm over at Tommy's house. I just wanted to remind you that there are worse things in life than the report card that's in my center desk drawer. I love you. Call me when it's safe to come home. BWAHAHAHAHA... It's funny 'cause it's true...
  10. Before passing judgement on Family Guy, I strongly urge you to watch Blue Harvest. If you're still not convinced, then so be it. "I made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs." "Isn't a parsec a unit of distance, not time?" "Shut up."
  11. I was sad Viggo Mortensen lost. He was fantastic in Eastern Promises. Though the upside to having Daniel Day-Lewis win was hearing, for once, an *articulate* acceptance speech. Though the Best Original Song winners were pretty good too ("Make art! Make art! Make art!")
  12. Does anyone know who holds the copyright to this song?
  13. I probably won't even think of upgrading my DVD collection to Blu-Ray for a few years at least, because a) Blu-Ray players will be much cheaper then and When on earth am I going to find time to re-watch all my favourite films?!
  14. Like most people in the theatre, I was left at the end thinking "wtf?". But the more I thought about it, the more the ending made sense. It was never supposed to be a traditional story (i.e. plot begins with an event, builds to a climax, and resolves to some kind of ending). The way I interpreted it, it's a snapshot into the lives of the three main characters; we know where they came from, and we know where they're going (Llewellyn's dead, obviously; Anton will nurse his injuries and keep killing people, and the Sheriff will settle into a long and dull retirement). That's how it made sense to me, anyway.
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