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  1. I'm trans. no homophobia here, I get a pass because I'm trans. sorry queermos
  2. also you people spent like $18 on third stage and slippery when wet? those CDs cost a quarter now. my local goodwill has had OU812 since I moved to ringgold in 2016. the guy who dropped it off there probably paid 20 bucks for it the day it came out
  3. I would get CDs as gifts starting around 2000, started buying them myself around 2005/6, stopped around 2011 and was big in the vinyl hipster thing, vinyl got too expensive and impractical, got a CD-only car in 2016 and have bought CDs regularly since then. I've got 600-700 at smaller shows (1000 capacity or less venues) CDs still sell like hot cakes. saw an edgy misanthropic metal band back in february who were selling a longbox of their new CD for $25 and saw a lot of people at the show lugging it around. vinyl has gotten so expensive a lot of collectors are going back to CD, and newer collectors are starting to get into CDs as kind of a retro throwback thing (in addition to CDs being cheaper than LPs now), although it's not on the level of vinyl. the kids born in 2004 who might have vague memories of the last CDs their parents bought will start to get nostalgic for this type of shit. tons of out-of-print metal CDs already go for hundreds on ebay, and I kinda feel like we're gonna end up with what we see with today's vinyl situation, where teenagers in the year 2030 are dropping like $30 for a 1987 sgt pepper that cost 5 bucks just a few years before.
  4. also saw testament, exodus, death angel, immolation, nile, incantation, immolation, chicago, brian wilson, alice cooper, king gizz, several others
  5. great year for shows this year, saw around 25 a few favorites: judas priest/queensryche ATL - true metal, no posers allowed deicide ATL - raw, unrelenting, edgy, misanthropic mercyful fate/kreator/midnight ATL - true metal lords, no posers phish at deer creek, friday night - lizards, fluffhead, smokin chalkdust torture. saw the other nights but friday was my favorite steely dan - managed to catch these dirty whores twice this year. raw, powerful, I was raped up the butt by the soothing sounds steve hackett in ATL - he played the good genesis stuff, no sussudio shite. no tarzan crap. no invisible turd if you werent at these shows, you're a poser
  6. of course, those who don't like bruce are also dirty whores, unfit for the hall of heavy metal
  7. hope everyone is listening to KISS today and thankful for the music of KISS
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