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  1. Cancer  Ruby  Pig But accurately it's Wild Bore. (it's a kind of pig though) And pardon my ignorance, goat? I don't know Goat is included in Chinese Zodiac/
  2. Oh, lucky traveler! Most of Japanese don't know who Rush is, I think. At least as far as I know, there's no one in person who know. And yes speaking English requires hardest effort for us. accent, diction, intonation, pronunciation and all. I can read. I can hear and write a little bit. But I speak Ingrish maybe,(and poorly) And I'm surprised Micheal can speak Japanese.
  3. For me the original VT sounds like Rush at 2002 - just recovered from the tragedy, still chaotic, full of emotions. The remix version is Rush at the eleven years after- having gotten over it, just a reflection. When I first heard the remix version, I thought I liked it. But after several listens, I can say I prefer the original with its raw, emotional chaotic which the remix version is missing. And I love VT. It's a great and powerful return from the desparaion
  4. Seriously I don' t understand why this song gets so much hate. It's not my favorite Rush song for sure but I quite like it. Lyrics hold some truth with unique pantoum(sp) style and some catchy melodies along with Alex's solo. In fact, it's one of my favorite S&A songs along with Far Cry, Armor and Sword and Good News First.(I know I know..This song gets as much hate as TLB)
  5. Partialgrace

    Rush Women

    It was around '82 or '83 when I first heard Rush. I was a big Queen fan back then(and still they are my 2nd favorite) and my first impression was "weird. not my cup of tea". But after several listens, and some time ( a half of the year ) they suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks, didn't know what it really was, their music, song structures, musicianship and especially the lyrics have spoken to me. Though English is not my first language, their messages make me think many things and helped me to develop my thought. I was a bit surprised to know actually there was no line in women's bathroom at the concert though.
  6. I read somewhere about the backward-masking of "Anthem"- the ATWAS version but it was several years ago so I forgot the details except it was ordinary satin-worship related thing. Oh and i remember "Its fun to smoke marijuana" Also some Pink Floyd songs contains backward message intentionally but i don't remember the name of the song. And Chain Lightning guitar solo was recorded backward? (nothing to do with backward masking though)
  7. 11/21/84 Nihon Budokan Tokyo My first and only Rush show 'til my second one and highly likely last Vancouver R40.
  8. I want to quote but it's coming too long, so I quit. Quite interesting view and I think as one Japanese, you quite hit the point JohnnyBlaze.It's a shame most of us don't know what our elder generation had done to neighboring countries, esp China and Korea. Around this time of the year, many TV programs and Newspaper articles about the War, but I'm afraid "what we've done to the others" and "who had started at first" seems to be always left out. I kind of know but can't say I understand completely. The knowledge that I have comes from words of my parents and in-laws who knows the war in person. I fear the memories are going to die eventually as the old generations passing. Guide the future by the past. But to know the past exactly what was happend, not one-sided nor twisted. But sadly it's hard to get. Oh and the right-wing cars are truly annoying. They are extremely right-wing war-worshiping people,very vocal but extreme minority too.
  9. Oh, what a ride! I stuck with this thread before noon till now (It's Sunday evening here) ,still can't get over the queer feeling mixed with joy and sorrow. Thank you Rush and thank you periscope, from far eastern land.
  10. May 8th-30th (Tulsa-Bristow) A'-B-C-A-B-C-A-B-C-A-B-C Jun 8th-29th (Columbus-NYC) A-B-C-A-A-D-A-B-C-E-F Jul 9th-27th (KC-Phenix so far) B-C-A-B-G-B-C-A-B- hmm 1st leg was pretty regular ABC pattern but afterward it becomes quite irregular. Is Phenix is the last B show, I wonder?
  11. It's really constant scope feed tonight. ah,today, 'cause it's high noon here.(2 PM July 24) I have to go back to work but I can't. BTW, I usually work at home.
  12. I was at the middle of central lower tier. That central two blocks seemed to be quite tame. But people around me seemed to enjoy the show(ah, except the couple next to me) although they sat down but a few well known songs. I also sat down 'cause I don't have a courage to stand up. Yes I'm coward and shy..
  13. Hello lemonycake. I was at Vancouver show too. and you asked me what section I was in (my section also sat through almost entire show ) in another thread ,so I choose this new thread to respond.(sorry!) I was at almost middle of the center section of the lower bowl. What section were you in? As far as I observed, the center two sections of the lower bowl seemed to almost sat down. Strange. I also used skytrain to get back to my hotel and the Stadium-Chinatown station was like a flood of people! Oh, and As I entered the Arena, I overheard the usher said at the entrance gate "No, One Direction is at the Stadium, Not here!" :eyeroll: Seems some innocent 1D fans wandered into the wrong place.
  14. Were you at Moxies before the show? No. I didn't know where the preshow meeting was held.
  15. Attended the Friday show and just got back to Japan. wow,It was quite a night to remember. Been a bit nervous for travelling by myself but it was worth it! (and thanks everyone that made kind advice to me!) And Losing it! I heard Ben Mink lived in Vancouver (Geddy said so in the interview around MFH release period) and wonder if he still lives there. But when they dived into Headlong Flight after the first song, I cried out. But it seems only me to notice in my section. (Almost all of my section sat during the entire show except a few songs! And the woman next to me left her seat in the middle of Losing it! What!?) Alex seemed to regain his playful self. What you're doing cracked me up. This was Alex we know and love! two down point for me I wanted to do "as if to fly.." Show flied too fast, like a dream. I wish I could see them again. Great show anyway!
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