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  • Favorite Rush Song
    spirit of radio
  • Favorite Rush Album
    farwell to kings
  • Best Rush Experience
    seeing rush the only time they ever came to roanoke,va with a friend of mine who has passed away!
  • Other Favorite Bands
    led zeppelin,rush,dio,queen,black sabbath,johnny cash
  • Musical Instruments You Play
    guitar a bit
  1. would love to hear fly by night,finding my way,anthem and in the mood in complete versions one last time. also earthshine,roll the bones,and animation.
  2. without question,The Trees,which is in the top 10 songs ever written by RUSH!
  3. it's bound to be damn near like any of the other bootleg dvds from TMT 2011.
  4. now that gilmour's adopted son has been thrown in jail for 16 months,i doubt he does anything but try to get him out.he and waters could never get along well enough to go on tour together again anyway!
  5. on neil's religious views,who is to say that if any of us went through losing a child and a wife with in the space of 2 years,we would'nt feel the same way? i lost my dad,sister,and uncle in a space of 4 years,and though i did'nt lose my faith,i understand how somebody else could,especially if you lose a child!
  6. watched that carpenter remake on blue ray a few weeks back.awesome,don't describe how good it looks on blue ray! i loved it when it came out in 1982.one of the best horror movies of the 1980s easy!
  7. can't choose between john paul jones and geddy lee.they are both great bass players and great musicians!
  8. for me,it was cygnus x1 on farewell to kings.i had the 2112 album,and then i used to put my headphones on and go to sleep at night listening to all the world's a stage,but i do not think i ever understood how great a band RUSH was until i heard that track on farwell to kings.that track just blew me away!
  9. LED ZEPPELIN,queen,rush,dio,black sabbath,queen,johnny cash,lynyrd skynyrd,deep purple,tom petty,the who,the stones,the beatles,kiss,aerosmith,cheap tricku2,guns n roses
  10. john bonham dying during us tour rehearsals in 1980 just killed me,and broke my heart.the who losing moon and the ox,jimi hendrix died way too soon!mercury dying was way too soon,and queen without him is everything but Queen!
  11. never saw a shuttle launch live,but i did see the last manned rocket blast off in 1977.my uncle was a doctor at nasa for like 15 years.he has money that went to the moon.visiting nasa was one of the greatest thrills of my life.
  12. ever since 2112 came out,i just about bet that rush has played side 1 at every concert since then have'nt they?
  13. http://www.sexforums.com/cache/gallery/9a571abde179d6bcdc15c3bd33edef71_0_none.jpg
  14. watching tv,read threads like this,etc....
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