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  1. Thick as a Brick Both Sides Close to the Edge Side 1 Meddle Side 2 (previously mentioned) Dark Side of the Moon Both Sides (the most perfect album ever created) Animals Side 2 (previously mentioned) Minstrel in the Gallery Side 2 Songs from the Wood Side 1 Stormwatch Both Sides Heavy Horses Side 2 Physical Graffiti Side 2 Led Zeppelin Side 1 LZ III Side 1 LZ IV Both Sides Presence Side 1 The Yes Album Both Sides ...
  2. Even the Tormato stuff shined in concert. I had a bootleg of the Cleveland '78 show, and they played quite a bit of Tormato. I thought Future Times/Rejoice was exceptional at that show. Some really great songs on that album. It was their most recent album when I first got into Yes. I used to play it into the ground.
  3. I still think Fragile is an amazing accomplishment, and the fact that it is the first album to feature Rick Wakeman also makes it special. But I think it is a distant, though solid, third on my rankings chart. I agree with that assessment 100%!
  4. I'll put it this way...it's hard to go wrong with anything Yes did, up to and including Tormato!
  5. Yessongs is a great introduction to the early Yes catalog; it's an amazing live album. My favorite Yes album is Close to the Edge followed by The Yes Album.
  6. The separation on the backing vocals is exceptional, really eerie. I agree. If you listen to the rear speakers in particular, you hear them very clearly. Though, if you go to that "sweet spot" in the room they blend in perfectly well.
  7. The 5.1 mix is simply amazing. If you like this album and have a system that can play it, I highly recommend it.
  8. My favorite Yes album. SW did an amazing job on this. It's incredible...I can hear the backing vocals clearly!
  9. Really wanted to see them in Chicago but I'd already made that trip the week prior for SW. I think I picked the right show to see, since SW was phenomenal but DAMN (!!!) I wanted to see them. Had the show been on a weekend, I would have made the trip from STL again. F'ers should have coordinated with SW ;)
  10. Ænima/Lateralus/Undertow(the album that got me into the band)/10,000 Days I actually love them all. I wouldn't say 10,000 Days is "the worst", it has some really great moments on it. However, it's not as original as the albums that came before it. Pretty much a rehash of ground the band already covered...at this point, I'd take another one like it...ANYTHING!!
  11. Love that song! That extended guitar part is pretty amazing stuff.
  12. I have hated ABBA forever but I have to agree with The K Man, TDBYC cover is a great tune.
  13. Option #1 I don't have high hopes for either release. However, Tate sealed his fate and won't get a dime from me again.
  14. Ha!! Just listened...that's about right. Beggs is a monster on bass though. Gonna be hard to listen to Colin again after this.
  15. I guess it´ll start soon then. At least they haven´t been anywhere near where I live yet, so there´s less to regret. And they may never tour again. SW seems awful prolific (and happy) without them.
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