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  1. :ebert: Happy belated birthday! :ebert:
  2. :cheers: Happy belated birthday! :cheers:
  3. :ebert: Happy belated anniversary! :ebert:
  4. :ebert: Happy belated anniversary! :ebert:
  5. :cheers: Happy belated birthday! :cheers:
  6. I've not been seeing as many here (I see the board the same way that everyone else does). Are you seeing them just in your normal browsing, or when doing specific things? Right now, simple searches and View New Content will get you a 404. I usually see it when I hit "More Reply Options," while posting (I mostly use Microsoft Edge). I'll also get it when going from, say, SOCN back to the General forums. So did I - i was in SOCN and when I tried to exit, it wouldn't move. So I got out, tried to get back in, even using my browser and I got a 404. Wouldn't even let me in, so I had to leave it alone for quite some time. Having said that, it happened in another area - Random Samples (can't remember the thread title). I also get stuck so to speak just before 8:30am every morning.
  7. That might explain the 404 I got just before 8:30am.
  8. :hi: Welcome to TRF! :hi:
  9. I didn't know Moonlighting was this violent. Surely not Last Man Standing violent. :unsure: Classic sitcom...Tim Allen, Hector Elizondo et al. Actually, I`ve always had a thing for Nancy Travis. :heart: I was introduced to Bruce's talent when I went to see Die Hard on a double date in the late 80s. He hasn't disappointed me until the naked skateboarding incident. :facepalm: He did a what with a skateboard? :o
  10. I did too. I felt he could've handled it better, perhaps having a word with him after?
  11. Got to admit, my The Last One Who Posts Wins v2 did well for almost 11 years, just short by one month. Well done, 73 for winning! :clap: :clap: :clap:
  12. Finally at peace. :rose: And without pain. :rose:
  13. Nope he's playing a carriage driver named Tom Sawyer :lol: :P
  14. Responding with sadness following Lorraine's passing. A brave, courageous woman, fought Cancer with dignity. She is no longer in pain, she is at peace. :rose:
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