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R40 Yukon Blade Grinder Documentary Trailer--Headlong Flights

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Nice work....CNN should be calling soon.


Headlong Flights - OutFront and On Location


Tombstone Mountain : Parts Almost Known


TM R40* - Situations










They aren't even in the same league. :LOL: :D

This man knows his stuff
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Here's the last entry.

This one was all about LA and the people I met, things I saw.

Plus a bit about some dogs:

Final Rush concert and Dog Porn. Well done ya crazy Goatnutter.

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Duff, wow did this bring back memories. Mostly me trying to figure out how you fit me into a video like this! Hope you're doing well. I'll be sure to call the next time the railroad goes through Goatnut!
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Wow bubbles, did he give an R? Grey seems a cool dude, they all do, rush fans!. Really excellent work dude..

Thanks man. The dogs were well paid and had cush accommodations, per their contract.


Grey was wonderful. You're right about him being a cool guy...he brought beer all the from Deutschland. Can't beat that!

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