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Bristow, VA Periscope Thread - May 30th


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Watching these eastern time zone shows has been great - don't have to stay up real late... I guess I'll be done once they enter Pacific Time zone.
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That 1st set is tough for us die hard Rush fans.

So many Casual fans don't give a flip about the last 15 years.

I personally don't care for it, but I appreciate it. Like I said, starting about song 5 is good

The casual fans have never even heard this stuff. Dead crowds during the 1st set most shows.

They wake up during RTB....ironically :drool:

Agree with most of this. The show I went to at about Animate things got going. Also I believe there are some "real" Rush fans who don't give a flip about the last 15 years and even further back then that if truth be told...
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Looks like the crowd saved their energy for the second half. I hope.


I at least hope someone saved their phone battery! ;)


No kidding. With portable battery chargers nowadays, it's amazing how many people run out during a streaming of the show.

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It sounds like they had a bit of a train wreck on Distant Early Warning.


I thought so too, but they got out of it well LOL!


I hate to say it but it looks like most of the mistakes, bad notes, and general f-ups are coming from Alex.

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