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QUOTE (Necromancer @ Jan 27 2007, 01:48 PM)
I really thought all the musician types would play along. But I guess they don't have the cajones that Geds does.

There's a lot of talent here. Too bad no one wanted to share with their TRF family. sad.gif

Cept Geds of course. Cuz he's cool. yes.gif 1022.gif

Or f***ing crazy.




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QUOTE (Geds @ Jan 27 2007, 02:52 PM)
QUOTE (nobodys hero @ Jan 27 2007, 02:50 PM)
Oh my gosh Geds that was awesome.  I think you should be declared the winner! biggrin.gif

Wait, wait, wait.....


There is another entry now...


Mortkort is in the running!

I've been promised another vid or maybe even TWO. So that with mine will be five. This is finally getting off the ground.


Let's go people. If a guy that can't even speak English can do one... then the rest of you so-called 2.gif fans can. pokey.gif



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QUOTE (*Limelight* @ Jan 27 2007, 04:22 PM)
Very Nice, Geds And Mort.

And don't expect lime to do anything of the sort.
I suck at this stuff.

So what??? JUST DO IT!!!


They don't have to be good. They can be comical. It don't matter. Do you think NECRO'S is gonna be GOOD??? no.gif But will it make you laugh??? I sure as hell hope so.


Grow a pair and make a vid. NOW!!! laugh.gif

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Good Job Mort - Glad to see someone else stepped up to the plate. applaudit.gif applaudit.gif


The girls want to do one, but it would be very comical.


I look forward to more 653.gif

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