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Danny Peart interview


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There have been some excellent episodes of the S4N podcast, and this is another.


Actually found it quite eerie, he sounds so like his brother.


I'd only ever heard of Danny mentioned in Neil's writings, but he seems like another very intelligent member of the Peart family.


Starts around 11:45 in...





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Thank you, Lurkst for this link.


I don't follow podcasts and I am generally not tuned in to musician interviews so I would otherwise never have known about this. When you have listened to main stream interviews and read articles and books and such about the band members over the years, hearing from his brother just feels kind of warm and fuzzy? Cozy?. It adds some context to what you think you knew and just the most simple of questions and hearing the answers is so great to hear. 


Well worth the listen, anybody seeing this topic. Not depressing, nothing to shy away from, but a wonderful celebration of Neil. And so cool that three years after he passed away there is not silence or "enough already, leave me alone" but more sincere sharing of stories with family and the fantastic life he lived.


(Thank you Family!)


Great interview :goodone::Neil:




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