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ABC "In Concert" December 6th 1974. Anybody own a copy?


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Here's an audio recording of Rush on ABC's In Concert On October 11th, 1974, The show was not broadcast until December 6th of that year though. The performance was filmed at the Aquarius Theater In Los Angeles. Besides the audio, nothing else from this performance has materialized. This is probably a long shot, but does anybody know any old school traders or someone who might potentially own a copy of the footage? I have searched on and off for this footage for months to no avail.  What's strange too is that other band's from that show exist online already, but Rush does not. A company called Historic Films has a tape of this broadcast listed as being in their archives, but Rush is not listed in the description, and they do not sell tapes or digital recordings for anything other than professional use. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


Audio Recording:



Here's some other stuff I was able to dig up. Copy and pasted from my Reddit Post a while back.


Historic Films Listing https://www.historicfilms.com/search/?q=In+Concert+1974#p1t59757


Surviving footage of broadcast currently available (Sly and The Family Stone) https://youtu.be/8LuHKgpAzCM


(Minnie Ripperton) https://youtu.be/DqVGeEbavWo (At the 9:00 minute mark Rush is mentioned as being upcoming in the broadcast)


Concert Listing Archive:


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